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Moonstone can have all kinds of colors. You can buy Moonstone in gray, but there is also white, brown, cream, yellow, black, and pink moonstone. What they have in common is the satiny sheen. Moonstones with a blue sheen are called blue moonstones. This variant is also the most popular and is often used for jewelry. Wearing a ring with moonstone is especially popular and you can buy moonstone rings at Spiru. The shine reflects in the light and moves with the stone making it a very beautiful piece of jewelry.

The Meaning of Moonstone

Moonstone is known as the stone of hope and feminine energy. The stone symbolizes emotion, intuition, fertility, and love. It could enhance the feminine qualities in both men and women. In gemstone therapy, the stone is widely used for irregular menstruation, menopausal complaints, or fertility problems.

Real Moonstone

The ‘ordinary’ Moonstone is a feldspar. As described above, this one almost always has a wavy sheen on at least one side. The most popular colors range from gray, white, pink, to peach. Less common colors are green, brown, and black.

Buy Rainbow Moonstone

A gemstone that has approximately the same effect is the Rainbow Moonstone. This is in fact another gemstone, which is a white Labradorite with a pearly luster. Sometimes it contains small pieces of Black Tourmaline. Because the effects of the gemstones are very similar, they are often discussed together, but they look a bit different.

White Moonstone Meaning

White Moonstone symbolizes the feminine. This stone is therefore strongly connected with the lunar cycle and the female cycle. This would allow this stone to work on the hormones and the reproductive organs. White Moonstone could also stimulate intuition and fertility.

Moonstone Meaning Name

Not entirely unexpected, but the Moonstone is named after the magical moon. This is because of its magical shine and soft appearance. The stone is also called Adulaar, after the site of the Adula Alps in Switzerland.

History of Moonstone

Long ago this stone was associated with the moon. The stone was then mainly worn to please the moon goddess. The ancient Greeks and Romans saw moonstone as one of the most important healing stones and talismans, which would protect against nasty diseases and infertility. For a good harvest, plants and trees were decorated with moonstone.

In ancient India they saw Moonstone crystals as solidified moonlight. According to them, Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, had blessed the stone, meaning moonstone held some of her power. Therefore, it was used as a Talisman to ensure longevity. The stone is said to stimulate health, vitality and intelligence. The stone was also used to promote fertility, marital happiness, and financial prosperity.

In the Middle East, women have been wearing moonstone jewelry for fertility and devoted love for centuries. It was not until the end of the eighteenth century that Moonstone was used in Europe as a gemstone and healing stone. This was mainly due to the book The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins from 1868. In India and Sri Lanka they see Moonstone as the gemstone for the third eye. Wearing the stone would increase spirituality and insight. The stone is often given as a wedding gift, to wish the bridal couple love, happiness, fertility, and prosperity. In China, they believe that moonstone balances yin and yang energies so that the wearer will live a fruitful life in harmony. The stone is still sewn into clothing to favorably influence fate.

Buy Raw Moonstone

Raw gemstones are natural stones in their original state and are therefore unprocessed. They are often millions of years old. Some rough stones are lightly worked, for example to adjust the size. The original lines, shapes, layers and veins remain intact. Some people consciously choose raw stones, because they carry the original energy with little or no processing.The Moonstone properties are left unaltered in its rough state.

Moonstone Effect on the Spiritual Level

Moonstone would especially suit the heart, forehead, and crown chakras, but it can be applied to all chakras. However, the stone would provide empathy and promote spiritual growth from compassion. It could also strengthen intuition and human knowledge.
The crown chakra is part of knowledge and connection with the universe, Moonstone could also help with this. A Moonstone meditation during a full moon could promote intuition and clairvoyance. Moonstone is the birthstone of June and belongs to the zodiac sign Cancer.

Meaning Moonstone Emotionally and Mentally

Moonstone may help you to empathize with others better. Also, it is said that the stone could:

  • purify the aura and inhibit emotional outbursts.
  • give a satisfied feeling and balancing your emotions.
  • encourage you to deal with negative feelings such as listlessness and loneliness.
  • soften the feelings of hardened and bitter people and make these people more pleasant to deal with.
  • bring balance to exhaustion and stress.
  • be able to give hope in the hopelessness.

How Moonstone Works – Physical Characteristics

Physically, Moonstone is believed by many to have a positive effect on all complaints that have to do with the organs that belong to the sacrum chakra, such as bladder infections, problems from the lymphatic system, or edema. Furthermore, Moonstone may:

  • harmonize the circulations, such as the blood, lymph and kidney/bladder circulation.
  • improve short-term memory. Therefore, the stone is widely used during learning for tests. You can then combine the stone with Fluorite to raise the dust and Hematite to stimulate analytical skills.
  • stimulate the growth of children.
  • restore a disturbed sleep and wake rhythm, for example after a long journey or night shift.
  • have a positive effect on the hormone cycle.
  • menstrual complaints would be harmonized and fertility stimulated
  • support during pregnancy and during the menopause.
  • help with asthmatic complaints when the stone is worn around the neck.
  • give more satisfaction and joie de vivre and thus revitalizing a youthful feeling.
  • stimulate digestion.
  • reducing allergic reactions to insect bites.

Moonstone Care

Moonstone can be cared for like many other stones, nevertheless it is always important to know which cleansing and charging methods are best suited to your gemstone. Read our tips in the blog ‘Basic Care for Gemstones‘ for more information. For example, you can clean Moonstone with precious stones, but the stone is preferably cared for under the light of the Full Moon.

Moonstone Jewelry

At Spiru you can buy a Moonstone ring, a Moonstone pendant, a Moonstone bracelet, Moonstone earrings, or a Moonstone necklace. A Moonstone pendant would be a good option if you want to work with the heart chakra or have respiratory problems. The other jewelry can be worn to your heart’s content.

More Gems Like Moonstone

Moonstone has a soft energy. Other gemstones that suit sensitive individuals are Rose Quartz, Chalcedony, Agate, and Opal. These would also be suitable gemstones for children. Labradorite could also be a nice stone if you are highly sensitive. Like Moonstone, this belongs to the Zodiac Cancer. Rock solid energy starts with Spiru!