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Calcite gemstone is a common natural mineral that arises from the remains of marine animals. The mineral grows from the accumulation of calcareous remains such as bones and shells. Although Calcite feels rough, the crystal is relatively delicate. Raw Calcite is therefore also called Calcium Spar, which refers to the German spalten or ‘splitting’.This fragility is reflected in the stone’s delicate energy. After all, it is not difficult to work this soft stone! It is also easy to shape, and because of that unique jewelry and crystal tools are still made from it! You can buy calcite rough or polished, from loose crystals to jewelry. 

This Is How Various Colors Calcite

In its pure form, the mineral is colorless and translucent. Clear Calcite stones are called Iceland Spar or Double Spar and are known for their special brilliance. It also comes in all colors of the rainbow, including milky white. The hue of calcite is related to the salts it contains. These can be, for example, variants of copper or sodium. These chemical compounds also determine whether the stone gets streaks or spots. This creates a beautiful palette of crystal types!

Calcite Crystal Meaning for You

Enthusiasts believe the gemstone can help you in many ways including:

  • activating the immune system, metabolism and bone health
  • strengthening motivation, concentration and thinking ability
  • freeing entrenched feelings and beliefs
  • cleansing spaces and chakras

According to many people, calcite stimulates physical, mental, and spiritual growth. The stone is motivating, promotes self-confidence and protects against negative energy according to crystal experts. Calcite is also said to boost metabolism and the immune system. Energy workers mainly use the stone to activate and amplify power. In this way emotional or mental blockages can be broken up and the balance is restored. The crystal would also come in handy when cleansing rooms. Calcite would absorb the negative energy from a room. In addition, it is favored in the treatment of chakras, because of its corresponding colors and properties.

Calcite Meaning and Effect Per Color

Calcite stone exists in different shades, each with its own strength and quality. You can read more about this here:

  • Calcite Red
  • Calcite Orange
  • Calcite Yellow or Honey
  • Calcite Green
  • Calcite Pink or Mangano
  • Calcite Blue
  • Calcite White

Red Calcite

Red Calcite asks you to ground, according to gemologists. This stone promotes self-confidence, decisiveness, and steadfastness. Also, this fiery version of calcite can provide you with extra energy and would encourage you to find the spark in your life. Many users connect the powers of this red stone with the qualities of the first chakra or root chakra.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite supports many people in processing emotions and restoring mental balance. According to users, the mineral offers a positive outlook for anxiety and depression and is said to be a good friend for depression. According to yoga philosophy, this orange variant fits the second energy point, the sacral or sacral chakra.

Yellow or Honey Calcite

Yellow Calcite promotes optimism and the cheerful release of emotions, according to gemologists. This mineral would nurture feelings in difficult times and teach you to trust in a good outcome. Due to its energetic presence, yellow Calcite is a helpful stone for many people in balancing the third chakra, also known as the solar plexus. It would help with steadfastness and give hope where needed.

Green Calcite

Green Calcite gives many people the freedom to let go of old beliefs. This variety belongs to the heart chakra and, according to crystal experts, invites you to live from feeling and acceptance. Also, in gemstone therapy, green is known as the color of concentration and attracts success. Physically, green Calcite is said to strengthen the immune system and is used for stomach, liver,  and bile complaints.


Mangano or pink Calcite is used to process old patterns, grief, and other traumas. This strain is known to soothe worries and tensions and, according to users, promote recovery of the inner child. According to crystal experts, it is a real stone of the heart chakra, the fourth energy point and center of loving power.

Blue Calcite

According to users, this stone promotes communication and sees where there are still opportunities for self-expression. Blue calcite therefore makes it easier for many people to express themselves. This variant may also help to alleviate complaints in the throat area, such as pain or stuttering. The mineral therefore belongs to the fifth chakra of emotional cleansing and honesty.

White or Clear Calcite

According to experts, white calcite has a calming effect on the mind and thus provides inner peace. He can inspire you to approach the world with openness and is known for its beneficial effect on the heart, bones and joints. Especially young people and the elderly would benefit from this variant. White calcite promotes growth in children according to gem therapists and may help the elderly with bone health.

Caring for Calcite

Minerals consisting of lime or gypsum should not come into contact with moisture or water for a long time. It is therefore best to store the stone in a dry environment. If you want to cleanse the crystal after use, hold it under running water for a minute and let it air dry. It is not recommended to immerse Calcite in water or run it daily under the tap. This way you can enjoy that beautiful mineral for a long time to come! Check out our Introduction to Crystal Care for more information.