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Pyrite stone is also called fool’s gold or the gold of fools. On the outside it looks like gold. It is brass yellow with a reddish metallic sheen due to oxidation. In a number of forms, it comes with a wad of aluminum foil for convenience. It is the most essential supplying mineral. You can buy Pyrite rough or processed into Pyrite jewelry, such as a pyrite bracelet or pyrite pendant. Sometimes you can even buy Pyrite quartz, where pieces of pyrite is embedded inside of quartz crystals.

Pyrite Meaning

The meaning of Pyrite is derived from the Greek words pyr, meaning “fire,” and pyrites lithos (“flint”). By hitting flint or another pyrite crystal with this gemstone, sparks are released that can be used to make a fire. The stone pyrite thus gets its name from its ability to light fire.

Other Names of the Gemstone

In the Netherlands, the stone has many different names. The gemstone Pyrite is also called cat gold from apache gold, because the stone was an important part in the traditions of this tribe. Originally Apache Gold was a collective name for Pyrite, Chalcopyrite and Pyrite Agate. Other, less well-known names are sulfur tooth, iron blend or iron tooth. Kies and Blende are the German names for sulfur compounds with a metal. Markasite is also a name associated with Pyrite and there are two possible origins for this name. It can be attributed to the site of Markhashi, a foreign province of ancient Persia. Another explanation is that it is derived from the Arabic marqasita, which is derived from the Akkadian word marhasu (“pyrite”). Actually, Markasite is a closely related material that is hardly distinguishable from Pyrite, but nevertheless, its own material.

The History of the Gemstone Pyrite

In prehistoric times the stone was used as a flint. The people used pyrite by hitting it against another type of flint or another pyrite stone. When someone died, they were given the stone in their graves, so that they could also make fire in the afterlife. The ancient Greeks also used the stone to make fire. Like the Ancient Egyptians, they also used the stone for making jewelry and amulets. Later, the Aztecs and Incas in Central and South America made such beautiful jewelry that it also became known as the Inca stone. In the Middle Ages, Pyrite was known as a ‘warming stone’. Those who regularly suffered from cold hands or feet, would put a stone in their pocket. In the sixteenth century, the first firearms received a pyrite flint. Later this was replaced by real flint.

What the Pyrite Stone Looks Like

This stone has typical angular crystals, often in the shape of a cube. When the crystals are purely cubic and have six equal faces, they are also called devil’s dice or Spanish dice. In addition, fine-grained clumps (aggregates) also occur.

Pyrite Stone Meaning on a Spiritual Plane

Pyrite is said to be a strong grounding stone, which, according to experts, helps you to plant both of your feet on the ground. The stone is said to belong to the first chakra, as this is the Root Chakra that also works to ground you. It could give you a strong insight into your own motivations. Finally, according to many, it is a stone of Manifestation, as it would help to take action and attract abundance into your life. The stone belongs to the Leo Zodiac Sign.

Pyrite on an Emotional and Mental Level

Carrying a Pyrite in your pocket could boost your inner wisdom and confidence. According to experts, the stone works like a mirror and provides insight into how you really are, with your good and less good sides. Also, the mineral could help you accept all these properties. It may absorb stress and tension, leaving the owner calm and at ease. People who are regularly ill or have to deal with harmful situations could gain more insight from the stone, because the stone would give the necessary mental strength needed to break through patterns. Furthermore, Pyrite would stimulate:

  • openness and honesty
  • balance
  • release of stored emotions
  • bringing out repressed memories

How Pyrite Works on a Physical Level

By wearing the stone regularly, it could help to revitalize you. In addition, the gold of fools may also:

  • strengthen blood circulation
  • stimulate the liver
  • help with Pain-relief and cramping, for example menstrual
  • complaints (especially Pyrite sun)
  • increase the overall resistance
  • have a beneficial effect on the brain
  • regulate the gut

How to Care for the Gemstone

With frequent use, the stone should be regularly Cleansed and even Charged, because it would take over the stress and negative energy of the wearer. You can read tips for this in our blog with basic tips for taking care of your gemstones. Pyrite should not be exposed to water, because it can then rust due to the iron present.

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