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Important Hematite properties are that it is a heavy, silver to iron-like shiny gemstone. Hematite rough crystals often have reddish brown weathering crusts, reminiscent of clotted blood or wound crusts. According to some, it is the ideal stone to cleanse and improve the atmosphere in a room. They believe that Hematite crystals absorb Earth’s radiation by placing a sphere or large tumbled stone on the ground in space.

What is Hematite?

Hematite is an important iron ore. It is the national stone of Sweden and of the state of Alabama in the United States. For a long time the stone has been used as a beautiful piece of jewelry and as protection in the form of Talisman Amulets. For a long time, finely ground powder of the stone was used as a component of rouge. Today, Hematite is increasingly sold as a loose gemstone. The stone is available in various shapes and is known by various names, such as iron luster, iron glimmer and red glass head.

Hematite Meaning

Literally, the name Hematite means “bloodstone,” which is derived from the Greek words haema (“blood”) and lithos (“stone”). Its distinctive name may be due to the rust or to the cooling water that turned blood red during sharpening.

History of Hematite

The Hematite has been known as a powerful gemstone stone for centuries. It was widely used for helping with anemia and for staunching bleeding wounds. The stone was also used as a medicine against hysteria and inflammation. In prehistoric times, a mixture of Hematite and clay, red ocher, became a sacred powder with which they smeared the bodies of the dead. In Ancient Egypt, the stone was worn on the head as an amulet. They were also used as amulets for the journey to the underworld. In Roman times, the red variety was associated with Mars, the god of battle and war. The men took the stone as protection against injuries and the ladies used polished hematite (specularite) as a mirror. This gemstone was also popular in the Middle Ages. The stone was then widely used in figurines and jewelry such as brooches, rings and bracelets. Beautiful Hematite rosaries have also been found. In those times they saw the stone as a powerful amulet that would protect against witchcraft and the evil eye and believed that it would warn in dreams of impending doom. Powdered Hematite ore was used as a pigment to make paint.

The Spiritual Hematite Meaning

According to the gemstone theory, Hematite belongs to the first chakra. Black gemstones could absorb negative energy. This protection is of course important for the root chakra. In addition, the color black radiates strength and self-confidence, which is important in times of stress and uncertainty. This stone would also help you to be yourself and in this way give you self-confidence. Furthermore, many believe that Hematite would:

  • in combination with Moldavite can help to connect with extraterrestrial light dimensions and beings in a safe way.
  • strengthen the life force. It may put up a protective shield between its owner and the world around it. Hematite could also remove negativity from the aura and the body.
  • be able to ensure that you do not float and stay with both feet on the ground. It is widely used for grounding during out-of-body travel.
  • strengthen the invisible cord between the soul, mind and physical body in babies, children and adults undergoing major surgery. Thus the soul would be led back to the body again and again.
  • allow yin and yang to harmonize and can bring balance between extremes. Because of the powerful male energy, he would especially restore female imbalance.

The stone belongs to the zodiac sign Aries and the zodiac sign Scorpio.

Effect Hematite Gemstone on Mental and Emotional Area

Hematite could make you strong-willed, give you strength and courage and make you aware of what you need. According to experts, the stone protects against negative influences and transforms negativity into positivity. In addition, the Hematite could help with:

  • connecting the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This would stimulate logical and analytical thinking.
  • letting go of addictions and compulsive acts, such as smoking, overeating and sweets. The stone would lift limiting patterns. You would also believe more in yourself when stopping an addiction.
  • forbearance and patience
  • strength and self-awareness. Shy people would dare more with this stone in their pocket, because of the yang energy present.
  • sleeping problems and restless, grinding thoughts. By placing the stone on the bedside table or under the pillow, the stone could absorb these negative thoughts.

Hematite Effect on the Physical Level

Hematite is said to have a stimulating effect on the heart and blood. Specifically, enthusiasts believe that the stone would:

  •  improve the composition of the blood and thereby ease some allergies.
  •  increase iron absorption from food, which would also help heal the intestines and prevent diarrhea.
  • promote a quick recovery after illness or surgery. It could promote the formation of red blood cells, which would be good for people with iron deficiency or anemia.
  • stimulate blood flow throughout the body. People who suffer from cold hands and feet, such as Reynaud’s disease, could benefit from this stone. Hematite would help warm them.
  • help with all kinds of ailments that have to do with blood, such as heavy bleeding and menstrual complaints, nosebleeds, bruises, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, display legs and cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Blood cleansing and good for the spleen and resistance.

In addition, according to users, the stone also works in weight loss because it could stimulate food combustion. It may also work well with hormonal disturbances and have an analgesic effect.

Caring for the Gemstone Hematite

Hematite can be cleaned and recharged in almost all ways. This gemstone would be self-cleansing: it drains absorbed energy to the earth. For that reason, many people use it to discharge other stones. Like iron, Hematite does rust when it gets wet. It is therefore better not to clean the stone with water.

Hematite Jewelry Shopping

For jewelry with this black pearl, you have come to the right place at Spiru. If you are looking for a Hematite Ring, Hematite Bracelet, Hematite Pendant or Hematite Necklace, take a look at our wide assortment. A bracelet with Hematite is often worn by timid people as it could make them more assertive. According to experts, a hematite ring would have an effect on blood circulation in the hands and prevent cold fingers. Hematite pendants touch the heart area and the Solar Plexus, encouraging healthy self-confidence and associated willpower, according to yogis.

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