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Crown Chakra: Astral Travel with the Cosmic Contact Point

By Maggie 14 July 2022
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The Crown Chakra or 7th chakra is, according to yogis, your connection with the cosmos. Here you will find out what the Crown Chakra means and how to practice with it!

purple lotus and lily pad

According to yogis, the crown chakra, or sahasrara, is an energy point on top of your head where your experienced world makes contact with the universe around you. This personal space station is also called the seventh chakra or Crown Chakra because it sits above the six below. However, that does not mean that the Crown Chakra is better than its brothers, but rather that it is located at the highest point of your body. It is the symbolic Blooming Lotus, rooted in the first chakra and growing through all the rest towards universal wisdom! They are all connected and all important for growth, but this is you’re spiritual crown jewel!

From this point of fully realized spirituality  you could experience here unity, pure consciousness, or the meaning of life itself. Here you will find inspiration to get to know your Crown Chakra via:

  • Visualization
  • Yoga Exercises
  • Crystals
  • Sound Meditations
  • Aromatherapy

7th chakra crystal ball in abalone shell

Feel the Crown Chakra Through Visualization

The Crown Chakra is the most Esoteric energy point in the chakra system and therefore sometimes difficult to put into words. Let’s face it: “universal consciousness” or unity are pretty abstract concepts! What experts say works well is to visualize this power point with your own concrete images. For example, a well-known exercise is creating a Mandala. These mystical circles would help to express your unconscious feelings or thoughts originating from your Crown Chakra. Moreover, mandalas are like small self contained universes, which makes them a good fit with the theme of the Crown Chakra. So just give yourself the task of imagining your place in the cosmos and your creativity will take care of the rest!

crown chakra mandala blue purple wall tapestry

An Open Crown Chakra – The Best-Known Techniques

Do you find it difficult to get in touch with the bigger picture? Then your seventh chakra is closed, according to the experts. Fortunately, creating an open 7th chakra is well within your reach. It just requires some (regular) attention! According to yogis, there are several ways to learn the power of the upper energy point. Try matching:

  • Yoga Exercises
  • Crystals
  • Sound Meditations
  • Aromatherapy

7th Chakra Yoga Exercises

The best known and most radical yoga exercise to nourish your Crown Chakra is of course the Headstand or Sirsasana. With this (somewhat advanced) posture you are almost completely balancing on it! Moreover, it stimulates blood flow in your seventh chakra and, according to yogis, therefore also the life energy or prana. The same goes for the Upward Bow or Wheel, where your head hangs off the ground. Are these asanas a bit too intense for you? Then try mild upside down poses like the Dolphin as a replacement for the Headstand and the Bridge instead of the Wheel.

fluorite tumbled stones

Crystals for the Crown Chakra

Colors associated with the Crown Chakra are purple, white, and mother-of-pearl or rainbow hue. Gemstones with the same appearance, according to crystal experts, therefore, carry the properties of the seventh energy point. Well-known purple crystals with meditative vibes include Amethyst, Fluorite, Lepidolite. Rock Crystal, Selenit, or Iridescent Aura Quartz would help you communicate with your soul or other space beings. So choose a gemstone that speaks to you!

seventh chakra crown chakra meditation cushion purple spiru with plants

Sound Meditations for the Crown Chakra

According to chakra philosophy, the sound ‘ng’ belongs to the Crown Chakra – perhaps because its sound resonates through your whole head! It would therefore have a positive effect on your energy point if you chant, recite, or sing it from time to time. In that case, a Mala could help you count your sound meditations, so that you continue long enough to feel the effect. Pronouncing positive texts or Affirmations could also do your seventh chakra good. Examples of happy sentences are:

  • I am open to (my own) wisdom
  • Everything around me is one and i am one with everything
  • I trust life itself

purple crown chakra scented candle in tin with tea pot

Aromatherapy for the Seventh Chakra

Scent not only gives a pleasant atmosphere in the house, but according to yogis, it can also stimulate your energy points. That is why many people burn Chakra Candles! There are versions for each power center, as well as lights that appeal to all seven at once. For your crown you can therefore choose from a candle with relaxing Jasmine or a funky variant in rainbow colors. Do you want to compose your own aroma, for example for a Diffuser, Oil Burner or Scented Stone? According to experts, these Essential Oils activate your cosmic contact point:

  • jasmine
  • lotus
  • lavender
  • frankincense
  • myrrh
  • rose

Known Ailments of the Seventh Chakra

According to the chakra teachings, each energy point has its own ailments and discomforts. For example, there are people who experience Crown Chakra itching or Crown Chakra headache. Jitters, according to some people, indicate busyness or change, while headaches could indicate an overcrowded brain or oppressive thinking patterns. Chakra fans who believe in higher dimensions or guides are more likely to say that something or someone is trying to make contact. So it just depends on which meaning resonates most with you! Remember to focus on your intuition, and you’ll know what it means.

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Has the Crown Chakra Grabbed Your Attention?

Maybe it’s even piqued your interest in the other chakras? Then read on about the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, the Solar Plexus, the Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra and Third Eye. Before you know it, you’ll have all seven in your sight!


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