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Buy Golden Triangle Gemstones

The ‘golden triangle’ is a well-known combination of three different gems. Amethyst, rock crystal and rose quartz are used. These three stones are placed in a triangle. In this way, the energetic qualities of the individual gemstones are strengthened and positively influenced. Then a powerful energy field is created. That name is also a grid.

This positive energy can be used as personal support. For example, the Golden Triangle can help you find balance. He can also promote clarity and insight. This golden combination is also often used to purify rooms.

The magical triangle

The number three and the corresponding triangle have a symbolic meaning in many cultures and philosophies. Almost in every belief there is a trinity. Think of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit or the Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in Hinduism. Taoism knows the Three Purify and Buddhism the Three Jewels as the symbolic basis of doctrine. Also in Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Celtic and pagan mythology you will find important triads. In pagan mythology or wicca, for example, the female force is split into three. Among other things, it is depicted in the waxing, full and waning moon. But also by the Virgin, Mother and Crone.

In daily life there are also many relationships and processes based on three. These are, for example, two parents and one child. We also have three basic necessities of life: sleeping, drinking and eating. Birth, growth and death are our life processes. The number three therefore soon has the connotation of something that is rounded. For example, we say ‘three times is ship’s law’ and ‘all good comes in threefold’. The triangle is also a very strong structure from an architectural point of view. Not surprising that something special happens when three gems reinforce each other!

Significance of the Golden Triangle-Blocks


The amethyst acts on the autonomic nervous system and mental abilities. In the chakraler these are the sixth and seventh chakras, those of insight and intuition. An amethyst is therefore good against mental tension and its consequences, such as headaches and insomnia. Because amethyst can help you to get less pressure in your head, it helps many people well against stress and tension. He also often stimulates a good night’s sleep.


This mineral is very pure in nature. Rock crystal is often used as a neutral stone: it does what is necessary in any situation. With rock crystal you can regulate, absorb and amplify energy. Also those of other gems, so! In addition, rock crystal is a good cleansing stone for many people. In this way he creates space for clarity, impartiality and healing. It is therefore logical that this crystal traditionally belongs to all seven chakras.

Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz has a calming and loving effect. From way back she has been connected to the fourth chakra, the heart. Therefore, the pink quartz supports physical and emotional problems in the chest and pelvic area. This soothing stone provides harmony and sincere emotional communication. She also helps many people with (self-) acceptance: that means support to love yourself and others!

Place Golden Triangle

You can use both rough and polished stones for a Golden Triangle. The polished stones are useful if you want to carry them with you. If you only want to place them in a room, the rough stones are suitable. Place them for example in your living room, bedroom or on your altar. The rough stones are also beautiful to see! This way you can enjoy your stones twice.

How to lay down a Golden Triangle?

The distance between the stones depends on the space you want to influence. The energy field is created between the amethyst, rock crystal and rose quartz. The stones also have a separate range. So the triangle also radiates outwards. A common principle for the ratio between the size of the stone and its range is:

Size in cm of the individual stones + 1 = appearance in meters.

Stone of 2 cm + 1 = 3 meters charisma

For example, place one large golden triangle in the centre of your house for effect on your entire house. You can also place several small triangles in different rooms or your practice room. This way you can be sure that the energy flow is optimal.

Golden Triangle cleaning and charging

Clean the stones thoroughly before use. Repeat clean as needed and used. If your house is smoking, clean your set weekly. Gemstones you should also always opladen for use. We recommend that you purchase two sets of Golden Triangle stones per room. So you always have charged stones available while the others go in the bath.