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By Maggie 24 August 2021
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No idea how to choose the right gemstones and crystals for your personal use? That’s OK, because we’ve put together our best tips for picking one out that will fit your needs perfectly!

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Which gemstone is right for me? Many people struggle with this question, and that’s OK! There are a lot of things to think about. It’s best to choose a personal power gem based on your current needs. It’s important to be in the moment when choosing a gemstone, because what was right for your energy five years ago, isn’t necessarily what you need right now! How do you keep track of what works for you and what you’re looking for in crystal energy? In this article you’ll find tips and tricks that will help you in your search for the ideal mineral of the moment!

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A Gemstone for Me, Myself and I: Crystals as Personal Instruments

Gems are instruments, or even tools. Anyone who dives into crystal therapy will discover this very quickly! According to this practice, each crystal and gemstone has their own qualities that you can use to invoke similar power within yourself. According to practitioners, just like with Singing Bowl Healing, your energy vibrates along with the “instrument.” For example, if you have trouble communicating, an expressive stone may help to awaken this skill within you. A crystal does not solve your problems, but rather it stimulates the right energy and inspiration to take on the challenge for yourself. A little bit of self crystal coaching!

Some Stones Won’t Suit You

Precisely because gemstones can awaken something in you, not every kind provides the right stimulation for everyone. A great example of this is Obsidian. This deep black shiny stone is alluring, but it is exactly this intense depth that might be too much for some people. Obsidian is thought to be a stone that exposes deep unconscious feelings, and that can understandably be a bit uncomfortable for many people! For others, this uncovering of unknown emotions can be a great relief and quite relaxing.

Many gem therapists and gemologists agree; if a beginner finds themselves asking “which gemstone is suitable for me?” they need to stop and think about what types of energy they are ready to experience. You are often attracted to the crystals that you are ready for. If you’re comfortable with your deepest self, maybe you will enjoy some Obsidian! Just remember, you can always put it away and choose something else if the sensation is unpleasant or just too intense. Maybe try it again when you’re at a different place in your spiritual and life journey.

How to Know Which Crystal You Need

Once you understand that gemstones are tools that stimulate growth within you, you learn to ask yourself an important question: Which crystals are right for me right now? In which area am I ready for insight, inspiration or change? What gemstone is best for me the way I am now and how could my mineral first mate steer my journey? Hopefully by meditating on these questions, or even just giving them a little mindful thought, you will be guided to the right gemstone.

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Five Spiritual Ways to Find Your Perfect Gemstone

Sometimes it’s just not easy to know or feel exactly what you need. Many people go through periods where they are overwhelmed, stressed, overstimulated, or just a bit lost. These are times when it can be a bit difficult, or even frustrating to try and think about your needs. Feeling like this makes it hard to know how to choose a crystal, but luckily there are other spiritual practices that can help you to find some answers. It’s great if one of these practices helps you immediately identify your needs, but otherwise take it slow and start by crossing off things that don’t feel right. Great ways to do this are with:

  • astrology
  • chakras
  • tarot cards
  • pendulums
  • visualization


Astrology helps many people understand the complicated connections in their lives. You can consult your horoscope to see which area of your life could use some balancing or just a bit of extra attention. If you’re having problems at work for example, you could check which crystals are associated with the area of your horoscope that aligns with work. If your inner world feels out of sorts, then check out which stones align with your Moon sign, or even your fourth house. This is a great way to experiment with new stones that you may not have thought of otherwise. It’s always enriching to try out new crystals!

Chakras and Gemstones

According to the chakra philosophy, every person has seven or more energy points in the body. These powerful nodes are believed to control some of your physical, mental and emotional health. For example, imagine that you slept poorly due to restless legs or nightmares. Not being able to relax is a matter of the Root Chakra, so with this in mind, start looking for a First Chakra Gemstone like Red Jasper or Hematite. It can be that simple!

chakra gemstones

Laying Tarot Cards

Tarot is also well known as a tool to find some direction when choosing crystals. Simply ask the spiritual card game what will help with your current situation. The answer can be very inspiring and help you to zero in on what qualities you are looking for in a crystal. When the tarot tells you to go after more love for example, try checking out heart stones like Rose Quartz.

Commute to Choose Crystals

Do you already have some favorite gemstones but are unsure which one is best for your current phase of life? Then a Pendulum may help. You can use a pendulum on stones already in your collection, but you could also use your pendulum in a shop, mineral museum, or with a friend’s collection to track down something new!

Visualizing Your Ideal Stone

Visualizing your ideal find can also be a fun way to choose crystals. You can do that with your eyes closed in meditation, but some people insist that a Glass “Crystal” Ball works great. Meditate on you current situation and wait to see what appears.

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Crystal Combinations

Gem Sets are also useful to find out which stone types or qualities you respond well to. Because there are several crystals in these sets, you learn to feel the differences between crystals. Gemstones in these sets are carefully chosen for their easily felt energies. For example, you can use Chakra Stones to investigate in which one of these energy areas you can use some strength. Just as practical are the three classics in the Golden Triangle. Once you feel the effects of Rock crystal, Amethyst or Rose Quartz, you’ll be a lot closer to a crystal clear understanding of their energies!

Curious about Spiritual Tools?

You can buy Gemstones & Minerals, but there are of course many more methods to generate positive energy in yourself. For example, you can do Mantra Meditation. Repeating powerful spells would have a direct effect on your state of mind. Meditation Music and Gongs can do the same, as can aromatherapy with Scented Candles, Wax Melts or Essential Oils.

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What is your favorite spiritual tool?

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