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Birthstones: Discover your magical stone

By Marije 3 August 2020
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Birthstones: The magical meaning behind your birthstone. Want to discover the mystery behind them? This blog has got you covered!


Birthstones are not just regular stones. They are all unique and are considered to be a symbol for that particular month. Every stone has its own meaning and symbolises something different, such as peace, health and personal growth. In ancient times, people believed that the stones had magical powers. Despite the fact that the content of the list of stones has changed over time, the ancient list is still used quite often. However, this blog focuses on the modern list. Do you want to know your birthstone and the meaning behind it? Continue reading this blog!

The Legend of the Birthstone

There is a bit of a discussion going on about where the legend of the birthstone comes from. The most well-known story comes from the book Exodus. Around the first century, Flavius Josephus, an academic Jew, was said to have found twelve gemstones in the armour of Aäron. The stones in the shield represented the twelve tribes of Israel. Flavius Josephus saw a connection between the stones and the zodiac signs. It was not until later that they were associated with the months.

Special Powers of the Birthstone

Centuries later, monks and academics began to wear the gemstones. They believed that the stones had magical powers and that they were at their strongest in the months they belonged to. Others believed that the gems only had powers if you were also born in the month the stone belonged to or if there was a special connection to the stone.

Birthstones by Month

To make it a little easier for you, we have listed the birthstones by month, so that you can quickly read about the characteristics of your magical birthstone!

  • January — Garnet
  • February — Amethyst
  • March — Aquamarine
  • April — Diamond
  • May — Emerald
  • June — Moonstone
  • July — Ruby
  • August — Peridot
  • September — Sapphire
  • October — Rose Quartz
  • November — Citrine
  • December — Turquoise

Birthstone Colours by Month

Below you will find a list with the gemstone colours. This may help with choosing a gemstone, since many people are drawn to gemstones because of their colour. If you want to know more about this subject, you can read our blog about gemstone colours.

  • Red — Garnet, Ruby
  • Yellow — Citrine
  • Green — Aquamarine, Emerald, Peridot
  • Blue — Turquoise, Sapphire
  • Purple — Amethyst
  • Pink — Rose Quartz
  • White — Moonstone

January Birthstone

The gemstone that belongs to the first month of the year, January, is Garnet. It is a beautiful red gemstone that symbolises the beginning of something new. The January gemstone is believed to help with perseverance, self-confidence, and willpower. Perfect for the new year. Knights and warriors would wear Garnet for safe travels. The colour does differ from time to time, but generally it is a bright red. Other characteristics that the Garnet is believed to have include:

  • Helping with courage
  • Protection against fevers
  • Preventing nightmares
  • Providing positivity

February Birthstone

Amethyst belongs to February. The colour is purple, often considered violet. The February gemstone is believed to support spiritual growth. Furthermore, it is even said that the the stone can help you to open your third eye. In the past, the stone was worn and used by royalty. The Romans even made wine glasses out of Amethyst, because they believed that the gem could help them with drunkenness. Other characteristics that the Amethyst is believed to have include:

  • Creating harmony
  • Clarifying thoughts
  • Helping with headaches
  • Helping with addictions


March Birthstone

Aquamarine is the March Gemstone. Its Colour is light blue and can vary from blue to blue-green. The stone was formerly used by sailors, because they believed that the gemstone would protect them from the dangers of the sea. If you’re highly sensitive, this stone is believed to potentially help you calm your mind. It is also believed that the stone can be used during a New Moon to get the full potential out of this moon phase. Other characteristics the Aquamarine is believed to have include:

  • Helping with concentration
  • Alleviating the symptoms of hay fever
  • Mental clarity
  • Helping with love
  • Helping with loyalty

April Birthstone

Both Diamond and Rock Crystal are known as April birthstonesl. The April Birthstone Colour is white or translucent. Diamonds are often used for engagement rings or wedding rings to symbolise unconditional love. The April Gemstone is cherished by many gemstone lovers. Diamond is believed to enhance the effect of other gemstones. Other characteristics the Diamond is believed to have include:

  • Helping with prosperity
  • Giving courage
  • Helping with spiritual freedom
  • Reducing jealousy

May Birthstone

Emerald belongs to the month of May. The May Birthstone Colour is a beautiful dark green, which is often used for jewellery. The Ancient Romans and Egyptians believed that the May Gemstone would bring them wealth and power. It was even the favourite gemstone of Cleopatra! They also believed that the stone could help predict the future. Other alleged characteristics of the Emerald include:

  • Giving some wisdom
  • Giving protection
  • Helping with balance
  • Helping with love
  • Helping with patience

June Birthstone

Born in June? Moonstone is the June gemstone. The June Birthstone Colour can vary from white to rainbow. There are different kinds of Moonstones, such as Rainbow Moonstone, Black Moonstone, Grey Moonstone or Green Moonstone. Many consider it to be a semi-precious gemstone, which symbolises hope and the divine feminine. It has a pearl-like shine to it. The stone has a strong connection to the moon cycles and is often worn by anyone who lives by the moon. Other purported characteristics of the Moonstone include:

  • Giving some sense of satisfaction
  • Helping with balancing hormones
  • Helping with peace
  • Helping with digestion

July Birthstone

The July Gemstone is Ruby. This stone symbolises passion and love. It is said that the stone could give the carrier of a Ruby love and success. It is even believed to help with heartbreak. A lot of royal jewellery has Ruby in them. The July Birthstone Colour is dark red. In ancient times, people believed that the gemstone could recognise evil and would become an even darker shade of red when it did. Other purported characteristics of the Ruby include:

  • Giving motivation
  • Balancing the First Chakra
  • Making one less tired
  • Giving courage

August Birthstone

Peridot belongs to the month of August. The August Gemstone has a positive appearance and symbolises personal growth and self-confidence. The August Birthstone Colour is a bright, light green. It is said to give people a positive feeling. The Egyptians believed that the Peridot was a sunstone and that it would protect against the darkness of the night. Other characteristics the Peridot is believed to have include:

  • Slowing down the aging process
  • Balancing the Third and Fourth Chakra
  • Helping with digestion
  • Helping with harmonizing relationships

September Birthstone

The September Gemstone is the gorgeous Sapphire. The September Birthstone Colour is a deep dark blue and is also known as the colour of heaven. However, Sapphire can be found in almost every other colour. The stone represents wisdom, loyalty, and royalty. It is believed that the gem can lose its shine when it is worn by someone who is being unfaithful to their partner. In ancient times, the stone was used as a Talisman that would protect against diseases. Sapphire also belonged to the witches, because they believed that it would help them predict the future. Other purported characteristics of the Sapphire include:

  • Giving wisdom
  • Helping with the kidneys
  • Having a calming effect
  • Decreasing one’s fear

October Birthstone

The gem that belongs to the month of October is Rose Quartz. The Romans and Greeks believed that the Goddess Venus had brought this stone to earth. That is why it is best known as the stone of love. The October Birthstone Colour is a light pink, which immediately makes you fall in love with it. It is believed to promote giving love and self-love. Other characteristics the Rose Quartz is believed to have include:

  • Helping with calming a person down
  • Reducing stress
  • Helping with harmony
  • Helping someone who has a burn-out

rose quartz

November Birthstone

The November Gemstone is the Citrine. This mesmerising gemstone could bring success and positivity in one’s life. It is considered a semi-precious gemstone and the November Birthstone Colour is a light yellow. It is believed that Citrine can potentially make someone feel confident and strong. , Furthermore, it is said to make men more attractive and women more fertile. Other purported characteristics of the Citrine include:

  • Providing balance
  • Helping with processing the past
  • Helping with concentration
  • Helping with intelligence

citrine birthstone

December Birthstone

Last, but certainly not least, is the December Gemstone, Turquoise. In ancient times, the stone was used by medicine-men all around the world to help cure diseases. Native Americans considered the Turquoise to be a connection between heaven and earth. They took the stone with them on their travels for protection. The December Birthstone Colour can vary from blue to green. The Turquoise is also sad to change colour as a warning for danger. Other characteristics the Turquoise is believed to have include:

  • Helping a person with self-realisation
  • Giving one some insight
  • Increasing creativity
  • Helping with relaxation

crystals in hands

More Magical Stones

Gemstones can be an addition to anyone’s life. Whether it is a Birthstone or a Selenite that could improve spiritual growth, you cannot go wrong with these gorgeous gems. A birthstone is not only a fun gift for yourself, but also for loved ones. You can find all your magical stones at Spiru!

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