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Manifestation: Spiritual Tools to Help Make Dreams Reality

By Maggie 10 May 2022
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What is manifestation exactly? To manifest means to make Something from Nothing. But how do you do that? Read here how tools like Angels, Meditation, Crystals, and Chakras can help you to bring your ideas to life!

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The word manifest is synonymous with making something visible. But where was it before that? And how exactly do you manifest something? Those are, of course, very spiritual questions! Here you can read about how you can find the answers for yourself by working with:

  • Angels
  • Meditation
  • Crystals
  • Chakras

Read on to find out what definition manifestation has to you and how the concept of manifesting can play a role in you life!

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What does Manifestation Mean?

The meaning of manifestation is ‘public’ or ‘made known’. In Latin the verb manifestare means ‘to bring to light’. For example, the Romans used the word when someone was “caught in the act” and so it referred to tangible evidence. Manifesting is still related to making something visible, for example think of a packing manifest that tells you what is inside of a package. Only it has now also acquired an additional spiritual meaning.

Manifesting Spiritual Meaning

The definition of manifestation also has a deeper meaning for many people. It’s a personal matter, because how does something intangible become reality? Is it first an idea or a desire that then turns itself into reality? Are there do’s and don’ts when you want to manifest or can you count on help from spiritual guides? For many people, manifestation is a very spiritual matter because it raises the question about how something as abstract as a wish can become visible and real. Fortunately, there are many ways to look for the answer!

Meaning Manifestation in Relation to the Chakras

When converting thoughts into deeds, according to yogis, you can use two Chakras, the Third Eye and the Solar Plexus. The ‘Third Eye’ is the sixth chakra between the eyebrows that would allow you to visualize your ideals and wishes during a manifestation meditation. The solar plexus, located between your rib cage then generates the power from within to make this idea a reality. Do you want to experiment with chakras? There are special Chakra Stones or Chakra Colors that help many people tune in to their own energy! For some Chakra Scented Candles or Chakra Oils and Incense are particularly effective in stimulating this energy.

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Manifest Meditations

According to many spiritual traditions, your imagination helps you turn a wish into reality. The skill of working with your imagination is called Visualization and is practiced in several ways. Some people paint, draw, or write about their deepest desires. Whether in picture or words, putting your wishes on paper really helps to get visualizing, so grab a Journal and give it a try! Others who are less visually creative and more sensitive to sound stimulate their creative energy by repeating their wishes aloud as mantras. So whether you prefer pictures, writing, or spoken word, there are plenty of ways to meditate on what you want to manifest.

Manifest with Angels

Archangels or a personal Guardian Angels would be the ideal partners in making your dreams come true. According to experts, Archangel Gabriel, for example, gives your manifestation meaning. They are believed to help in the creative process. If you also want to let go of the past and create new meaning, many people think that manifesting can help you to let go of your bad experiences. Zadkiel is an angel that would be more than happy to help you with that task!

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What is Gemstone Manifestation?

According to gemologists, crystals can help you in your search for your deepest desires or to stimulate your ability to visualize a positive outcome. For example, are you looking for some help from a friendly gemstone guide? Selenite is also known as Angel Stone which can guide in communicating with higher intelligences. On the other hand, if you need some personal strength to realize your goals, then you could turn to the optimistic Citrine or Tiger’s Eye. Do you find it difficult to envision your ideal future? According to gemstone therapists, Amethyst calms your thinking, so that you can perceive clearly again! If you need help choosing, check out our guide Which Gemstone Do I Need? Whether you choose to wear you gemstones as jewelry or place them in a Meaningful Place in Your Home, gems are great spiritual helpers.

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Manifest with Spiru!

At Spiru you’ll find plenty of spiritual tools and tips to help you with manifestation. If you are looking to manifest a new beginning for example, New Moon Rituals are a good place to start. Are you looking to bring the best out in yourself to make room for new goals, then Affirmations might be right for you. However, you go about it, manifestation is within your power, so gather your meditation cushion, chakra incense, and favorite gems and focus on your goals. You’ll make them a reality in no time!

What does manifesting mean to you?


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