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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, is part of the Rock Crystal and amethyst family. Together these stones form the well-known Golden Triangle. It is a very popular type of semiprecious stone and is best known as the stone of love. You can buy Rose Quartz gemstones in many variations, from raw Rose Quartz crystals to a Rose Quartz Massage Roller.

Properties of Rose Quartz

The pink quartz stone has a light pink color, is quite translucent, and has a somewhat cloudy and streaky structure. The spiritual Rose Quartz effect is said to be on issues surrounding the heart.

Rose Quartz Stone Meaning

Pink Quartz symbolizes everything that has to do with kindness such as compassion, creativity, friendship, and beauty. This crystal is therefore often associated with loving goddesses and saints such as Venus, Mary, and Quan Yin. This beauty would therefore serve as inspiration to not only make your life beautiful, but also to live it according to your greatest desires!

Rose Quartz Meaning Throughout History

The gemstone Rose Quartz is called the stone of love by many, because it is said to have a strong influence on affection, passion, and devotion. This has to do with the history of this gemstone. The ancient Egyptians saw the pink crystal as a sign of beauty and love. The ancient Greeks believed that the pink crystal was brought to earth by the goddess of love herself! That is why the stone was dedicated to Aphrodite.

What Does Rose Quartz Do for the Heart Chakra?

Sometimes your heart needs a little support on all levels, physical, mental, and spiritual. The action of Rose Quartz on your heart chakra, or fourth chakra, would open it, making you more accessible to yourself and others. This could then help with processing trauma or sexual problems. But not only your heart energy can get a boost with the help of this crystal, Roze Quarts is seen as a type of energetic master key that could help all chakras by way of the distribution of Yin Yang energy.

Working on Self-Acceptance with This Love Stone

The spiritual effect of Rose Quartz could also help you develop self-love and self-compassion. There is one person that you need to accept the most, and that is yourself! The stone would reveal the true essence of love and would make it easier to accept yourself, to show compassion towards yourself and to receive love. Do you also want to pass along this self-compassion and self-acceptance to your loved ones? Then gift them a soothing Rose Quartz tumbled stone!

How Rose Quartz Works with the Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle consists of three types of gemstones that together can bring harmony where necessary. The energies of the Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Rock Crystal could reinforce each other in a positive way. Rock Crystal could clean the space, Amethyst creates peace within yourself, but what does Rose Quartz do in this golden trio? The pink quartz is said to help strengthen the heart, which can provide good energy. Together, the Golden Triangle could dispel unrest and restore harmony to a specific environment.

Rose Quartz Effect on the Body

The Rose Quartz would mainly affect the heart area and support it, for example with restless breathing. Shortness of breath and your blood circulation are also things that regulate your heart. In addition, your thymus, breasts, and kidneys would also be happy with this stone.

Rose Quartz Gemstone Effect on Emotions

Blushing Bride? That’s what the pink color of Rose Quartz reminds many people of. It’s not surprising that the crystal is known as a good partner in romance. Not only would the effect of Rose Quartz serve for self-love, you can also carry it with you to stimulate your power of attraction. Rose Quartz also emphasizes the importance of developing your self-esteem and allowing yourself to feel all emotions, even sadness. But believe us, with Rose Quartz at your side, understanding your feelings, even the negative ones, is a positive experience.

Buy Rose Quartz Jewelry

At Spiru we have a wide range of products made from this gentle pink stone. For example, you can buy a Raw Rose Quartz Pendant or a Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone Ring, to live every day from compassion. Would you rather get creative yourself? Then choose the Rose Quartz Beads. You can also choose from various ready-made jewelry in which this loving stone is processed:

  • Rose Quartz Ring
  • Rose Quartz Pendant
  • Necklace with Rose Quartz
  • Pink Quartz Bracelet
  • Rose Quartz Earrings

Ring Rose Quartz

You can wear a Rose Quartz ring on any finger, but did you know that each finger has its own symbolism? The ring finger is said to belong to Apollo, the Roman god of creativity, love and beauty. By wearing a ring on this finger, you would be aiming at a loving life full of beauty. That’s why Rose Quartz would go well with this finger!

Pink Quartz Pendant

By wearing a pendant with this stone, you could stimulate yourself to see the beauty in yourself, another, nature and also animals. Moreover, you wear the stone so close to your heart. There is therefore no more beautiful piece of jewelry made from this loving stone than a pendant!

Necklace with Pink Quartz

Just like a pendant a Rose Quatz Necklace has a great relationship to your heart. The advantage of a necklace is that you carry several pink quartz stones with you on the heart chakra, making you feel this loving energy even better!

Bracelet Rose Quartz

You can always carry a Rose Quartz bracelet with you. A Rose Quartz bracelet is also always a good idea to give away. All the loving creatives among us could get started making their own jewelry with loose beads.

Earrings with Pink Quartz

Complete your collection of gemstone earrings with rose quartz earrings made of 925 silver, and hear how the love pours in!

Rose Quartz Zodiac Sign

Each sign of the zodiac has a number of crystals connected to it. Rose Quartz is usually associated with emotional people such as people with Libras, Taurus, and Cancer Zodiac Signs. These sun signs, according to astrologers, have a knack for emotions and beauty. Libra rocks this pink stone because it symbolizes balance, something this sign loves very much. Taurus has a symbolic connection to the stone because of their preference for peacefulness and loyal friendship. Pink quartz is of course also part of the caring and sensitive Cancer. Now you definitely want to know which gemstone suits your zodiac sign!

Yoni and Tantra

Rose Quartz is a popular stone to use for yoni products and tantra. Yoni massage is also a form of self-love! You can come to Spiru for a rich choice of Yoni Eggs. Tradition has it that a strong pelvis is important for your emotional well-being. In addition, it affects the ability to experience sexual energy. For many people this yoni energy is the basis for a healthy and happy life!

Rose Quartz Cleaning and Charging

This loving stone is not so picky about cleansing and charging. For example, you could cleanse it thoroughly by running it under the tap or with smudge. Read more about Cleansing and Basic Gemstone Care in out Blog. Charging is best done by placing it in a container with rock crystal for 24 hours or placing it in the light of the full moon. Though the stone shines with love, it doesn’t like sunshine! That would discolor it. Check Out How to Charge Different Gems Here.

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