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Black Tourmaline

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Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline is available in different colors. Of the many varieties Tourmaline Stone, black or Schörl is most popular among gem enthusiasts.This dark mineral is known as a cleansing and protective stone. According to many people, Black Tourmaline crystals attract and trap negative energy, which helps against black magic or electromagnetic radiation. Schörl is an affordable gemstone and has many applications. If you therefore want to buy Black Tourmaline, you can choose from a wide range of shapes and appearances.

Where Does Black Tourmaline Come From?

Raw Black Tourmaline gemstone can be found in Northern European countries such as Norway, Sweden, and Germany, but also in the United States and Brazil. The black gem is also called Schörl, probably after the German village of Zschorlau. Black tourmaline was found here as early as 1400.

Black Tourmaline Effect on Negative Energy

For many people, Schörl is an indispensable tool for working with energy. Black Tourmaline properties that help in energy work are its magnetic quality and cleansing ability. According to experts, tourmaline absorbs tension from its environment and is said to protect against negative energy. Precisely because of this property, many people also use the mineral to Cleanse or Discharge other Gemstones. Tourmaline would therefore require little care itself.

Black Tourmaline at Home

Many people wear Tourmaline as jewelry to keep the aura clean. You will also find that many people place the black gemstone near TVs, laptops or other devices with radiation. Users thus try to neutralize negative charges in the air. In rooms with a lot of people, the Black Tourmaline pyramid could absorb the negative energy and make it disappear through the tip, helping people to communicate and interact peacefully. The stone would also help the growth of plants and animals by keeping vermin or other disruptors at a distance. So if you want to buy Black Tourmaline, there are plenty of ways to use it!

Black Tourmaline Stone at the Door

This a great Gemstone to Use in Your Home. If You would like to keep your house free of negative energy and make sure that visitors feel welcome in your home it’s a great choice. Some people bring heavy and negative energy with them without you realizing it. This energy can linger in your home and you can experience side effects, especially if you are highly sensitive. Placing Schörl near the door would help to keep negative energy out. So this with a loose black tourmaline rough stone, or a bowl with polished stones in it. Even if you have your own practice where all kinds of people walk in and out, you could benefit from this protective stone.

Tourmaline Black and First Chakra

Minerals with a black color are known as true First Chakra Gems like Black Tourmaline, meaning that they have a grounding and protective effect. Tourmaline then helps, for example, to give body and mind a sense of security. According to users, this not only promotes relaxation, but also confidence and optimism.

Black Tourmaline Gemstone During Loss and Change

Tourmaline, like many black gemstones, was used in jewelry that belonged to mourning clothes. It was a popular mineral, especially in strict Victorian England. Rich English women preferred Tourmaline over the commonly used Git because it was slightly stronger. Also spiritually, people connect the black tourmaline stone with loss and change. The mineral is said to give strength in sad times and help to recognize your needs in vulnerable situations.

Physical Effect Tourmaline Black

Schörl could also have a positive effect on your body and emotions. So this stone may:

  • Strengthen bones, teeth, hair and nails
  • Act on the Thalamus and Hypothalamus and restore the sense of balance
  • Heal infection
  • Reduce nerve pain
  • Strengthen the hormone balance and the immune system
  • Help with a hot temper, a excess sweating, and lack of concentration
  • Reduce nervousness
  • Helping to see the positive side of situations
  • Be relaxing and relieve pain

Black Tourmaline Jewelry

Would you rather carry some earth power? Then you have come to the right place at Spiru. In our range you will also find this grounding stone as jewelry. You can choose from:

  • Black Tourmaline Bracelet
  • Black Tourmaline Pendant
  • Black Tourmaline Beads

Tourmaline Black Bracelet

The Black Tourmaline bracelet has a beautiful meaning. According to many, gemstones have a special power. Give your bracelet a beautiful intention and wear it as an everyday reminder. This way you are always reminded of your good intentions and at the same time you are protected from negative energy by this special stone.

Black Tourmaline Pendant

With a Pendant of Tourmaline Black you always have the energy of this black stone close to your skin and to your heart. Thus, the magical powers of Black Tourmaline would protect you at any time against negative thoughts and energy from outside.

Black Tourmaline Beads

Are you a real creative person or do you just prefer to Make Your Own Jewelry? Then the Black Tourmaline Gemstone Beads are really something for you! The loose beads are available in different sizes: 4, 6, 10 and 12 mm. This way you are always assured of a beautiful result that suits you. Moreover, the stones are easy to combine with others!

Black Tourmaline Rough

Raw Black Tourmaline is a natural stone in its natural state. It is therefore unprocessed, so that the original lines and shapes are preserved. Some users consciously choose raw gems and crystals. These often get a nice place in the house. Because there is little to no human work in it, you would feel as much of the original energy of the stone as possible.

Buy Black Tourmaline from Spiru

Schörl comes in many shapes and sizes. For example, you have polished variants to use on the body or you can buy Raw Gems for a setup. Are you going to use the black stone against radiation and tension? Then Orgonite might be something for you. You can even buy special Orgonite Pyramids with Black Tourmaline in them. Share your Black Tourmaline experiences with us!

More Protective Gems

Looking for more grounding, protective gems? Then the other black gemstones might be a good match for you! Have you ever looked at Obsidian? This stone is said to give self-insight and stimulate personal development. He would also help you to clean up luggage from the past. Hematite stones are perfect to rid other gemstones of their negative energy. Smoky Quartz is said to help relax, let go and accept. Rock solid energy starts with Spiru!