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Heart Pendants

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Heart Pendants are gemstone pendants in the shape of a heart. They are perforated or have a metal ring. Heart pendants combine the properties of gemstone with the power of the ultimate love symbol. And of course you wear them on your heart. There can be no better!

How to choose a heart pendant?

A heart-shaped pendant is a loving piece of jewelry. It helps you to remember your heart wish. This could be a dream or something you want to accept. They can also be things you are thankable for. For example special persons in your life or a quality of yourself. A special stone matches that feeling. Every crystal has a symbolic meaning and, according to many, a own energy. So choose a stone that represents for you what you feel. Usually it has something special or you just find it very beautiful. You wear the gemstone chain pendant then on your heart. So the stone and your wishes stay close by!

Kinds of hearts pendants

In our range of heart pendants you will find different types and materials. Of course there are pendants made of different types of stone. These have and ringetje. This makes it easy to hang them on a washing cord or silver chain. Of course, there are also pendants pierced with piercings. In addition, we have special Orgonite Pendants with chakra stones. The heart chakra is of course indispensable in this collection. That’s why you’ll find jewellery with the 4th chakra sign on it or in the shape of a heart. Or with the well-known compassion spiral erop. So you always carry positive energy!

A loving gift

A loveable gift
Heart pendants are a wonderful gift. For example, give them away to someone you appreciate or admire. That can be your lover, but also friends or colleagues. A stone heart is a small but powerful symbol! That’s why we at Spiru have beautiful Edelstenen Hartjes, also available as a separate cuddly toy stone. Or take a look at our Edelstenen Gifts if you like to give a special crystal gift!


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