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Donut Pendants

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Donut Pendants are circular gemstone pendants with a hole in the middle. They are smooth, flattened stones that look like a donut. Donut Pendants are available in different stone types and sizes. They are usually between 30 and 50 mm in size. They are also called Pi Stones. That seems to come from the mathematician ‘pi‘, the number with which you calculate the dimensions of a circle. Pi stones are found in different traditions such as Saintly geometry, Buddhism, Shinto and Jamanistic currents such as Munay Ki.

The holy circle

The circle is a very familiar archetype. That is why it occurs in many cultures and beliefs. It usually symbolizes balance, unit, infinity and the lifecycle. The cycles of life are for example seasons or life phases. A round pendant is therefore a reminder of the creative power of life itself. For many people this gives a feeling of connection or harmony.
Edel stones donuts are actually special circles. They contain two circular symbols: the stone itself and the hole. Zen Buddhists and others therefore see the donut stone as a symbol of reciprocity. That is also called karma: what goes around comes around. According to them, the stone shows that everything is constantly looking for balance. In other traditions such as Munay Ki, the donut is a inauguration stone. In it the stone stands for the energy field or the aura.

How do pi stones work?

According to some traditions, the middle hole is a kind of gate to infinite creativity. The story goes that you can blow wishes through that hole. So they might be picked up by the power of life! You can also rub over the stone if there are problems on the pavement. The circle would then help them to point the door. The pi stone is often used as a talisman or amulet.

How to wear donut hangers?

Pi stones can be worn in different ways. Some donuts have a ring. You can hang these on a washing cord or chain. Losse donuts have no pendant. So tie this knot to a laundry cord. Or you can order a separate spiral hanger with it. Attach this pendant in the cavity of the donut so that it gets a ring. You can also hang it on a metal or silver chain. Spiral hangers are not only handy, but also very symbolic. The spiral is a sign of infinity and compassion. She is also sometimes called levensspiraal. Mathematically speaking she is an expression of the Golden Ratio and harmony. Of course, that fits well with the idea of the donut hanger!

What donut pendant suits me?
Donut Pendants are personal stones. If you use them as an amulet you can choose a stone that suits your wishes. Gemstones and minerals have their own symbolic meaning. You can also choose a donut that your unit, satisfaction or restfeel at. That fits the character of the circle. One thing is certain: the donut is a special stone, whichever you choose!