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Constellation Pendants are pendants with gems that belong to constellations or months of birth. They contain a natural stone that matches an astrological sign or angelic symbol.

Edel stones astrological sign jewelry

Gemstones and minerals have been used as energetic instruments for centuries. They stand for symbol for certain properties. Astrology and angelic work are also a form of spiritual research. So it is not surprising that special crystals fit your month of birth and horoscope. That is why we have beautiful constellation jewelry to find!

What pendants belong to me?

You can of course choose a pendant that belongs to your star image. This is linked to your date of birth. In astrology, it is called sun sign. Your sun sign is the place where the sun is in your horoscope. This stands for your deepest heart’s desire. When the sun is in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, your sun sign is Capricorn.  But in a birth chart all the signs of the zodiac naturally appear! Your ascendant is also important, for example. Or the sign in which the moon stands as a symbol of your emotional life.

So you can wear various star image pendants. One for every part of your horoscope you have something with! They remind you of a part of your personality. For example, zodiak jewelry can be a symbolic support in the back. You can also wear another stone every month that belongs to the prevailing sun sign. So you can go with the seasons in a beautiful way!


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