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Buy Cross Pendants

Cross Pendants are gemstone pendants in the shape of a cross symbol. This can be a Christian cross, but also a Ichthus or Ankh. Crosses are ancient symbols of life and immortality.

The cross as a symbol

The cross is found in many Christian traditions. The Christian or Latin cross has a shorter horizontal arm than vertical. This form generally stands for Jesus and external life. According to the Bible, Jesus died on the cross and after three days rose from his grave. According to this story, he thus saved the people from their sins. By dying he was born again according to the Bible. The cross is thus a sign of suffering, redemption and love. For some people it means surrender to life or the divine.
In many Christian religions people therefore make a cross as a sign of prayer. Then the three upper points of the cross stand before the Father, Son and Saintly Spirit. For them, this is an important symbolic unity. You then make a cross to bless yourself .

The Ankh

The Ankh cross is a sign of Egyptian origin. It occurs in Egyptian mythology and in Coptic church. According to some it is also connected to mythical realms such as Atlantis and Lemuria.
The Ankh stands for eternal life and is therefore also called life cross. According to some, the ankh looks like a key. With that you could open the gate of heaven. A key to immortality! This special cross also resembles a mensfiguurtje. It combines two opposite forms: a circle and a cross. And so head, arms and legs. Or the mind and body. According to some, this depicts life, namely as a collaboration of different forces.

Please choose your cross of gemstone

Gemstones and minerals have been used for centuries for their special significance. They symbolize certain properties and according to many they have an energetic power. A crystal cross is therefore a symbolic jewel. The pendant reminds you of your life. What have you experienced? What did you lose and what did you get in return? And what gives you the power to enjoy life? These are all questions that belong to the cross symbol. So choose a gemstone that matches your answers. For many people, gemstone jewellery is a great help. A ‘stone’ in the back!