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One of the most popular man made gemstones is Opalite, meaning that it is a synthetic stone made of glass. It was developed as a commercial replacement for Opal. A special chemical process ensures that this material gets a milky shine, just like the natural gemstone. This process is also called ‘opalization’. By simulating this mineral, less wealthy buyers could also enjoy the iridescent sparkle of Opalite ‘gemstones’ in their jewelry or statues. Especially in the 18th century, alternative materials such as Opaline or Sea Opal were very popular. Today, this synthetic jewel is known among enthusiasts as an all-round healing stone.

How is Opalite Made? Facts and Fables about this Synthetic Stone

Opalized glass is made in a laboratory. Here the synthetic quartz gets a light blue layer with a rainbow shine. Opalite stones therefore contain no true opal and it is therefore not accurate to call Opalite a gemstone. The same is true of the term ‘Opalite Crystal’ meaning simply, that it is not truly crystal but glass. Nevertheless, Opalite carries significance within crystal therapy, because its colorful properties are said to have a positive effect. According to experts, crystals do not have to be pure gemstones to support your well-being, think of rainbow crystals for example! The way that they refract light and their iridescent colors are enough. Opalized glass is therefore a favorite within Color Therapy!

Opalite Meaning – Spiritual Significance

Opalescent glass is said to stimulate the self-healing capacity of body, mind, and emotions. According to therapists, it therefore offers support with energy blockages and helps to make muscles flexible. Other experiences with the vibes of synthetic Opalite properties are in a general sense:

  • Brightness
  • Purity
  • Relief
  • Optimism

Opalite Works On These Chakras According To Yogis

Opalite, according to the chakra philosophy, suits all seven energy points because of its iridescent appearance. The rainbow is the symbol of the chakra system. For the same reason, yogis also associate synthetic Opal with the Crown Chakra. This top energy gate would connect all underlying points and colors to a white light.

These Zodiac Signs Shine Through Opalized Glass

Astrologers often associate opalized glass with the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Cancer and Scorpio would benefit from the emotional guidance of this stone, while Sagittarius and Pisces could enhance their mental clarity with it. So feel free to buy Opalite gifts for these stars in your life like a beautiful Opalite Bracelet or Opalite Pendant to shine with!