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You can buy Jade gemstones in different colors, but the most famous variant is undoubtedly green, often with small black spots.Green is associated with good luck in many cultures, meaning Jade is also seen as a good luck charm around the world. Additionally, the Jade mineral has a greasy surface and a fibrous structure. The most popular Jade variety is also the most expensive. This one is Emerald Green and is also called Imperial Jade. The natural green Jade is the national stone of China, but also of many states in America, for example California, Alaska, and Wyoming.

Jade’s Related Stones

Jade has a few brothers and sisters. These relatives consist of Jadeite and nephrite. These names are often used interchangeably, as they are very similar and difficult to distinguish from each other unless you’re an expert. Nephrite can be recognized because the structure of the stone is a lot more fibrous. In addition to Jadeite and Nephrite, there are also the light green Albiet Jadeite, the moss green Chloromelanite and the grass green maw-sit-sit. Gemstone experts believe that these related stones have similar energy and uses as Jade, meaning that even if a gemstone is one of these related stones and not a true Jade crystal, it will probably still work great for crystal therapy.

Color Jade

You can buy a Jade stone in different colors. The most popular Jade color is green, but in reality Jade is a collective name for different minerals of different colors. In addition to the green variety, there is also red, yellow, brown, pink, purple, gray, black and white Jade.

What to Pay Attention to when You Buy Jade Stones

There are several gems that are sold as Jade. Because it is such a popular stone, traders tend to sell similar stones to Jade. Serpentine is often used for this, which is marketed as Chinese Jade or New Jade. It would have a similar energy and effect to real Jade. In addition to New Jade, Aventurine is often sold as India Jade, Vesuvian as California jade, Prasem as African Jade, Carnelian as red Jade, and Rhodonite as red Peking Jade. So watch out for any name other than just ‘Jade’ or ‘Imperial Jade.’

Jade Stone Meaning

Jade is short for Jadeite. This is derived from the Spanish word ‘piedra de ijada’, which means ‘stone for pain in the side’ because it was thought that it would help against these kinds of ailments. This gentle stone may help ease kidney pain, but they used to think that the kidneys were on the side of the back. Besides the Jade stones’ meaning, we also found the meaning of the other related stones’ names. Nephrite is derived from the word ‘Lapis Nephreticus’, which means ‘kidney stone’, Maw-Sit-Sit is named after the village where it was first found and Albiet Jadeite (or Jadeite Albite) is derived from Latin ‘albus’, meaning stands for ‘white’.

The History of the Jade Gemstone

Jade has been a widely used material for making weapons such as knives and axes since the Early Stone Age. Later weapons were mainly produced from iron and bronze and weapons made from Jade were only used for rituals. Jade jewelry and beads from the same period have also been found. In China, green stones such as Jadeite and nephrite were highly valued and processed into utensils and ritual objects from as early as 5000 BC. There they called the stones yü, which would give its owner a good and prosperous life. It was the stone of the State, the Emperor and the Power. Gold was cheaper than Emerald yü. Jade was also given to the dead in the form of small objects or amulets, for a good journey and pleasant stay in the afterlife. Jade amulets are still popular in China. In Central America they have been using the stone for centuries against bladder and kidney ailments. In New Zealand they called nephrite greenstone or pounamu, from which they made weapons and jewelry. Jade was also important as a commodity. It was not until the late 1800s that it became clear that Jade were actually two different minerals: Jadeite and Nephrite. Shortly afterwards, Chloromelanite and ie, sit-sit were discovered.

Jade Stone Effect on the Spiritual Plane

Depending on the color, Jade would work on any chakra. The red and orange variants would work more on the lower chakras, but the well-known green jade gemstone would belong to the heart chakra. The stone would help you find your purpose in this life and feel comfortable with it. It could help you to unite body, mind and soul. In addition, according to experts, the stone gives beautiful dreams and helps you to find wisdom. The stone can of course be worn by all zodiac signs, but especially belongs to the constellation Libra.

Jade Mineral Effect on Mental and Field

Jade could help you learn to listen to your body and make good choices about what you feed it. It could make you feel content and happy, as experts say it promotes positive energy and protects you from negative outside influences. In addition, the stone could make you creative and help you put plans into action. He could also help you with removing emotional blockages.

Buy Jade Jewelry for Emotional Tranquility

The good luck charm would make you relaxed and calm in the time of difficulties. Buy jade jewelry to give yourself the courage and energy to persevere no matter what. Especially in traumatic or other sad events it could be a good stone. According to enthusiasts, wearing a Jade pendant can help with mourning and heartbreak, among other things. Children who are being bullied would benefit from Jade’s gentle energy to continue to feel loved.

Effects of Jade on Physical Area

According to experts, Jade enhances the healing process in several areas. Scars would become less visible and it would have a strong effect on hair, skin, and nails, as well as on bones and muscles. The stone could also help with:

  • Kidney problems: According to gemstone enthusiasts and energy healers, Jade stimulates and detoxifies the kidneys. It would ensure a better discharge of uric acids, so that rheumatic complaints and gout are alleviated. According to some people, making Jade Gemstone Water could help cleanse gall, kidney and bladder stones. It would also be a good stone for bladder and kidney infections.
  • Moisture retention
  • Fertility issues: Jade may improve the functioning of the ovaries, uterus, and testes and thus stimulate conception. In addition, according to gemstone experts, the white stone especially protects mother and child during pregnancy and would ensure a successful delivery.
  • Heart complaints: Jade is also known as the stone of the heart and could help to ease ailments.

Jade Jewelry

Jade Jewelry is extremely popular in China. Who wouldn’t want to wear jewelry made of this (green) lucky stone? At Spiru you can buy a Jade necklace, Jade pendant, Jade earrings and a Jade bracelet or Jade bracelet. In what form do you prefer to carry it with you?

Jade Care

Jade could be charged and cleansed in many ways. Be careful about exposing too much or too long to water and sunlight. To learn more about gemstone care, read our Gemstone Cleansing and Crystal Charging blogs.

More Soft Gems like Jade

Jade is known as a soft stone. Are you looking for similar stones? Then take a look at the Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Aquamarine, and Chalcedony. Would you like to attract prosperity and abundance? According to experts, Citrine could also help with that. Whatever you are looking for, you will find great energy at Spiru!