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Peace Sign Pendants

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Peace Pendants are gemstone pendants in the form of the pear sign or peace sign. They are available in different types of stone and contain a metal hook. Peace pendants can therefore be strung on a cord or chain.

The peace sign

The peace sign

The peace symbol is not that old yet. The designer of the peace sign is the British pacifist Gerald Holtom. He invented it in 1958 as a symbol against nuclear weapons and energy. In the sign are an I and V processed. In flag language, the letters N and D stand for the letters N. They stand for nuclear disarmament. Disarmament thus. According to many people, the circle around it represents the future of the world or the unborn child. The peace sign is therefore also used for other purposes. It has become a symbol of peace, harmony and natural balance. And of course you can never have enough of that!

Peace pendants of gemstone

Gems and minerals are treasures of the earth. They are the result of millions of years of development. That’s why every stone is unique. Many people therefore use crystals as symbols of natural power. Every stone has its own quality and meaning. A peace pendant of gemstone is therefore actually very appropriate. The peace sign stands for the beauty of nature. And what better to show that than a real crystal? Moreover, you can take the symbolic meaning of the gem in your peace wish with you. What do you wish for yourself and the world? If you want to buy a peace necklace, choose a gemstone that represents your greatest dreams!


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