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Aventurine Crystals are said to have a calming and protective effect and a positive effect on happiness and relaxation. It is a stone that many believe can absorb electromagnetic radiation. It is said to make you more patient, positive, tolerant, and empathetic. This would reduce negative feelings such as anger, annoyance, and irritation. In addition, according to users, this stone has a positive effect on creativity. The gemstone Aventurine promotes and cleanses the fourth chakra, also called the heart chakra.

Aventurine Gemstone and Kids

The soft energy of this gemstone is also suitable for children. It can make them calmer, for example, in tense situations and promote sleep. In addition, the Aventurine stones are sometimes believed to help with physical and mental growth.

Aventurine Colors and Effects

The Aventurine stone comes in all kinds of colors, but the most famous is the green Aventurine, meaning that it almost always comes to mind when we talk about Aventurine. However, the stone is available in the following colors:

  • Green
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Orange

Aventurine, Green for Good Vibes!

The green Aventurine is the most famous. According to some, it may have a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels, allergic reactions, and some skin conditions. The stone balances the emotions. Furthermore, due to its calming effect, it could ease complaints such as headaches and migraines and ensure that you have fewer nightmares at night.

Aventurine, Red for Decisiveness

Red Aventurine especially helps with inner strength and vitality. It encourages setting and executing goals. This activating stone is said to stimulate decisiveness, assertiveness, perseverance and decisiveness.

Aventurine, Pink to Open Doors

Pink Aventurine is a stone that can open several doors. It is the stone of new possibilities and opportunities and it promotes decisiveness. It motivates you to make your dreams come true and is good for relaxation. Some carry this stone on their heart. This lucky stone gives peace, patience, tolerance, and empathy. It is also said to have a beneficial effect on blood pressure.

Aventurine, Orange for Cheerfulness

The orange variant stands for cheerfulness and relaxation. This cheerful stone teaches you to live from your heart and stimulates your liveliness in your goals and dreams. It can strengthen leadership qualities and decisiveness. Orange Aventuine literally and figuratively stimulates perception and helps you to see alternatives and possibilities, especially those that others show you. According to some users, this stone may help with stuttering, lung problems, and headaches.

Raw Aventurine

Raw Gemstones, like Aventurine rough and uncut, are natural stones in their original state. According to some, an only slightly worked to unworked stone symbolizes pure natural power. Rough gemstones have a different effect than Polished Gemstones. The energy of a raw Aventurine flows differently through the growth direction of the crystals. Sharpening a gemstone also changes the direction of the energy. With a raw green Aventurine, the original shapes and lines are preserved. Because there is little human work in it, you come as close as possible to the original energy.

Birthstone of Augustus

Are you looking for a Birthstone? The Aventurine stones, together with the Peridot, are the birthstones of the month of August. This symbolic meaning makes giving a gemstone as a spiritual gift even more fun.

Buy Aventurine and More Gemstones at Spiru

In our shop you can not only buy different variants of Aventurine, but also other popular gemstones and healing crystals are available. Think of the popular Golden Triangle Gemstones, consisting of Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz and Amethyst. Don’t forget the cheerful Citrine, with which you bring the sun into your home. Are you curious, but haven’t you made a choice in the gemstone world yet? We help you with our blog: Which Gemstone do I Need? Our website is full of different types of crystals. You will find a real gem at Spiru šŸ˜‰