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Angel Pendant

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Angel Pendant

A Guardian Angel Pendant is a gemstone pendant that includes angelic symbolism. These can be angel pendants, but also symbolic crystals. Stones associated with angelic energy include Angelite, Celestine, Selenite and various types of Aura Quartz.

Angel Pendants as Symbols

Angels are believed by many to symbolize light, love, and insight. The Archangels are especially well known. These special figures appear in different spiritual traditions. They are often guides and counselors for people on earth, bringing messages from above. Some people also ask them for advice and guidance. Many people all over the world believe that angels connect heaven and earth which is why they are seen as symbolic of the divine. Many people try to connect with angels or angelic energy to gain insight or support. Their energy is therefore also called higher or light energy.

The Meaning of the Guardian Angel Pendant

Some people believe that there are different types of angels, including guardian angels and archangels. They believe that every human being has a guardian angel or guide. This guardian angel would protect you from any dangers and help you where needed. The guardian angels are said to show their presence by giving you signs like white feathers, numbers, or dreams. For some, their presence brings a sense of calm, comfort, and happiness.

Angel Pendants and the Various Angel Stones

There are a number of stone types that are associated with angel energy. Often angel stones are clear, white, light blue, or violet. Sometimes they have an iridescent or pearly luster. It almost looks as if they give light! That is of course no coincidence. Radiant colors belong to the top four chakras. According to chakra experts, the upper chakras have to do with intuition, communication, insight and connection – exactly what angel energy means to many people. These four gemstones are most commonly associated with angelic power:

  • celestine
  • angelite
  • selenite
  • aura quartz

Celestine Angel Pendant

Celestine is translucent or transparent and has a glassy appearance. The stone is light blue to gray in color or sometimes even colorless. It provides relief, structure, and stability and could help with feelings of limitation and powerlessness. This stone is also called the angel stone because it is often used by people to help to make contact with guides and angels.

Angelite Angel Pendant

Angelite is an anhydrite mineral and is named for its angelic appearance. The color varies from white to gray and from blue to pink-red. The stone is believed to help you to ground and accept yourself, and that in this way it provides emotional protection and may have a calming effect. It could also help to increase empathy and a sense of compassion.

Selenite Guardian Angel Pendant

Selenite can be green, orange-brown or white. Usually it is white and coarse or finely ribbed in structure. Crystal clear Selenite is also called Maria glass. This protective stone may help you create peace and balance. According to people who are engaged in spirituality, this stone helps to ground you, but also to give insights. In addition, it is thought to cleanse the aura and have a calming effect.

Aura Quartz Crystals

Aura Quartz is a crystal with a metal layer. It is a man made addition to the natural stone. The clear quartz is given a layer of silver, gold, platinum or titanium. This creates a glossy surface with rainbow colors. According to many people, the layer of metal enhances the strength of the crystal. The rainbow is of course also a symbol of connection. A beautiful idea that fits with angelic love. Angel Aura is said to have a positive influence on feelings of peace and contentment. The stone is thought to create a feeling of serenity, a connection with the angelic realm, and spiritual insights. It is considered to be a powerful purifier of mind, body, and soul and helps many to find their life purpose.

Guardian Angel Pendant Gift Giving

You can give a guardian angel pendant to yourself for a feeling of love and protection. The angel pendants are also a loving Spiritual Gift. You actually give a beautiful piece of jewelry, which can also provide a feeling of comfort, inspiration, and protection at the same time.

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