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Buy Skull Pendants

Skull Pendants are gemstone pendants in the shape of a skull. That is often a human skull, but it can also be an animal. Skull hangers often contain a metal hook. You can hang them on a cord or chain. Skulls are usually symbols of the past, death, knowledge and communication.

The skull as a symbol

Skulls are found in many legends. For example in the Maya’s and Aztecs. They also play an important role in the Akasha chronicles and myths about lost realms such as Atlantis and Lemuria. Crystal skulls are the best known of them.
Edel stone skulls have a special meaning. Usually they stand for death. This may be deceased, for example, or ancestors. This would give them ancient wisdom, for example about the evolution of the earth. Skulls are therefore seen as carriers of knowledge. They also symbolize connection with the past. That can be with direct family, but also the whole humanity! Skulls are therefore seen as wise creatures that give advice as a real family member.

What skull pendant suits me?
Gemstones and minerals have been used for centuries for their special significance. They have a symbolic value, but according to many people also energetic power. When choosing a skull pendant the stone type plays a part. This can strengthen the meaning of the skull.
For example, ask yourself what family means to you. What you would like to understand from your ancestors or from yourself. And what you need. A gem is often used as an aid and reminder. It may well be that you need understanding, humour or creativity in your research. So you can use the symbolic power of crystals as a reminder. A real ‘stone’ in the back!


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