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Angel Statues

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Angels Statues

You can buy angel figurines and statues in different shapes, such as the Archangel Michael or a colorful Orgone Angel. Statues of angels can be used as decoration, but an angel statue also brings the angels closer to you. These divine beings bring messages from above. They are also loving protectors. Because of this, many people draw strength from their presence. You often find a guardian angel statue on graves. They are guides who lead the dead safely to heaven. An angel also offers support and comfort to the bereaved. For example, you can keep a special memory of your loved one in a peaceful urn.

Meaning of an Angel Statue

An angel is a supernatural being that appears in many different religions. In Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, among others, angels, as servants or protectors of man, are messengers from God and possess superhuman abilities and qualities. They are protectors and also form a link between you and the spiritual world. Some believe that there are different types of light beings, including guardian angels and archangels.

The Meaning of  Different Archangel Statues

Various Archangels are mentioned in both the Torah, the Bible, and the Quran. A guardian angel’s purpose is to assist one person, but archangels have a broader purpose on Earth. Every archangel has some kind of specialization to help mankind. The four most famous archangels and their significance:

  • Gabriel: Angel of personal power and creativity
  • Michael: Angel of Protection and Safety
  • Raphael: Angel of Healing and Health
  • Uriel: Angel of Wisdom

Angel Statues at Home

You can buy angels to use as decoration, for the meaning behind them, or even for spiritual purposes. From archangel to guardian angel and from winged figure to light being. If you believe in the power of these special beings, you can get in touch with them in several ways. Angel consultants believe that you can feel the connection with your own guardian angel in a few simple ways. This can range from a small tingling on the top of your head to a dream in which your guardian angel contacts you. You can buy and give guardian angels as a sign of love and protection. Plenty of people would really appreciate such a caring gesture!

Gift of Guardian Angel

You can buy a guardian angel figurine for yourself, but the figurines are also a loving spiritual gift. They are beautiful and protective. In addition, they inspire the owner. Connoisseurs in the field of light beings believe that every person has a guardian angel, angel guide, or simply an angel inspiring personal strength and spiritual fortitude. They are believed to keep an eye out, protect you from dangers, and guide you where necessary. But this personal guardian has even more to offer, namely comfort, tranquility, and the feeling of happiness. Don’t forget yourself! You too benefit from his special presence. You can always use love and help.

Angels to Choose from in the Spiru Assortment

Spiru has an extensive collection of angel statues. You will find statues in different sizes, materials and types. Of course you will find the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel with us. In addition, we have large angel statues of up to 30 centimetres and small angel statues made of gemstone.

More Spiritual Products and Inspirational Gifts

In addition to angel statues, Spiru also has other Angel Products in the collection. Also take a look at our different types of Incense and our special Angel Affirmation Candles. Are you looking for even more protection in everyday life? We have many more kinds of spiritual images. Sometimes just feeling safe can provide some peace of mind. For example, wear one of our Protective Pendants. A little extra luck is never a bad thing. You can buy a real four-leaf clover, Lucky Stones or other Lucky Charms. Maybe the Lucky Dolls have a deeper meaning for you. You will find plenty of inspiring images and gifts at Spiru!