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Chakra Candles

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Chakra Candles

Chakra Candles are lights designed for the chakras or personal energy points. There are seven different types, each of which has a special scent, color and meaning within the yoga and meditation tradition. For this reason, the 7 Chakra Candles are also sometimes called Yoga Candles.

What are Chakra Candles’ Meaning?

According to yogis, every human being has seven (or more) energy centers in his body, each of which controls an area of life. For example, the First Chakra or Root Chakra stands for one’s survival instinct and the Second Chakra represents creativity. The third is connected to the Solar Plexus and is said to radiate a sense of self and the Heart Chakra has a great capacity for confidence. According to experts, chakra five has to do with communication, the Third Eye would provide insights, and the Crown chakra would connect you with a higher level of consciousness.

The Seven Chakras and Corresponding Colors

Special colors are often used to influence or get to know chakras. The most common are:

  • 1st chakra: red
  • 2nd chakra: orange
  • 3rd chakra: yellow
  • 4th chakra: green
  • 5th chakra: blue
  • 6th chakra: indigo
  • 7th chakra: violet

Spiru Chakra Scented Candles with Symbolic Aromas

The Chakra Candles of the Spiru house brand are made from Soy Wax in traditional Chakra Colors. The candles, which come in tins, also contain dried herbs or oils intended to stimulate one or more energy points. These fragrances are based on the following essential oils:

  • First Chakra (Muladhara) – Sandalwood
  • Second Chakra (Swadhishthana) – Patchouli
  • Third Chakra (Manipura) – Musk
  • Fourth Chakra (Anahata) – Sea Salt and Sage
  • Fifth Chakra (Vishudda) – Vanilla
  • Sixth Chalra (Ajna) – Lavender
  • Seventh Chakra (Sahasrara) – Jasmine

Chakra Candles for Magic and Rituals

Many people use Chakra Candles as a spiritual tool to perform rituals, blessings, or healings for themselves or others. Candle magic is an ancient form of witchcraft that is practiced all over the world. The warmth of a flame spreads wishes according to many people. The colors and scents of the candle wished upon would then enhance these good thoughts with their symbolic meaning. Do you want to burn a candle with a special message? Then be inspired by Chakra Candles!

Chakra Candles  as Gifts

Would you like to give someone close to you more love in their life or some creative power? Then give a Chakra Candle that matches your best wishes. or maybe a chakra candle set would be a better gift; let the recipient discover their chakras one by one! Either way, your favorite people not only receive a tangible reminder of your positive intentions, but they also enjoy a wonderful scent in the house!

More Spiritual Enlightenment

At Spiru you won’t only find environmentally conscious Chakra Candles and Rainbow Candles in all kinds of designs, but also other products for symbolic spiritual enlightenment. Also take a look at the range of Gemstone Scented Candles, regular Scented Candles or Affirmation Candles from other mystical traditions. Don’t forget to order the Glass with the small Stearin Candles or Votive Candles. These tea lights flow out and with a fireproof holder, the wax stays together and burns longer. Are you looking for a freestanding candle? Then you can check out the Stearin Pillar Candles. Whatever you are looking for, you will find Spiritual and Symbolic Atmospheric Light at Spiru!