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This gemstone fluorite is also called fluorspar. It has been used for centuries as a flux to melt metals more easily from ore. The shape of the fluorite crystal makes it popular with gem collectors. Usually it has a figure-eight crystal shape, depending on whether fluorite is raw or processed. The Fluorite pendant is popular with women. Since the stone is available in a variety of colors, it is widely used to imitate other gemstones. You can buy Fluorite in colors such as:

  • green
  • blue
  • pink
  • purple
  • yellow
  • rainbow

Green Fluorite

When you buy fluorite, green is a great choice if you need emotional balance and a balance of heart and mind. This stone could also promote your intuition. Physically, the green variant could especially have a positive effect on the stomach.

Blue Fluorite

Most people want to buy blue fluorite for when they are in doubt, experiencing instability, or have a cloudy mind and confusion. The blue fluorite stone would therefore mainly work on the brain and mind. According to experts, it promotes memory, concentration, rational thinking, and information processing. Physically, the mineral is said to have a positive effect on the eyes, ears, nose and throat.

Pink Fluorite

Pink fluorite is said to relieve mental stress and help in the processing of suppressed feelings. According to users, it reduces stress and tension and makes you feel more positive.

Purple Fluorite

This color is often bought during a physical recovery and some even believe that it may have a positive effect on the bone marrow and cells. Mentally, the stone is said to act on intuition, support the breaking through of spiritual blockages and strengthen your spiritual skills. According to users, it is a fine stone for deep meditation.

Yellow Fluorite

Like many other yellow stones, this stone is known for its uplifting effect. It would also boost self-confidence, help you set boundaries and stand up for yourself.

Rainbow Fluorite

The rainbow Fluorite is a combination of the yellow, green, and purple stone.

Fluorite Crystal Meaning for Concentration

According to the gemstone theory, Fluorite is a real study and thinking stone. The stone could help to maintain an overview, to discover broad outlines and to make connections. This would make it easier to understand and absorb the material, making it also known as a good stone for people who have trouble studying or concentrating. The gemstone would also bring you to your own core in a soft, but quick way, so that you can bring out the best in yourself. The mineral could provide insight into limiting behavior and thinking patterns, as well as to suppressed feelings. These insights would have an emotional stabilizing effect.

Effect on the Emotional Area

The crystal is also often used as a protective stone against fears and insecurity. It would increase self-confidence and bring structure to our lives.

Fluorite Meaning for the Physical Body

Furthermore, Fluorite could help to easel complaints of the teeth and mouth, bones, joints, skin and hair. The stone could have a positive effect on stiffness, joint problems, and rheumatism. It is also said to relieve certain nerve pains and may have a beneficial effect on the skin, such as pimples and wrinkles, and on the mucous membranes, especially those of the respiratory tract.

Fluorite Stone Meaning on the Spiritual Plane

The different colors would each suit a particular chakra specifically. Purple fluorite is said to have a strong connection with the sixth chakra (Third Eye) and the seventh chakra (crown chakra). According to users, it is a nice stone to meditate with, because it would give a clear mind and ground at the same time. By meditating with the purple stone on the third eye, you could develop your intuitive abilities. Blue fluorite is said to have a good effect on the fifth chakra (throat chakra). It could promote creativity and communication. Find out more about the Chakra Colors Here.

Fluorite Name

The name of the stone is derived from the Latin ‘fluere’, which means ‘to flow’ or ‘to flow’. The element fluorine, discovered in 1886, owes its name to this stone. The entire phenomenon of fluorescence is also named after this gemstone. It was discovered that Fluorite glows in the dark, if it has been exposed to daylight before.

The History of The Fluorescent Stone

In China, the soft Fluorite has been used for centuries to make figurines and utensils. The structure of the stone makes it easy to work into the desired shape. The Chinese used green stones such as the green fluorite as a powerful talisman and amulet. According to them, it would protect against witchcraft and devilish arts. The stone was also loved by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. They used it to make bowls and dishes in various colors. At that time, the stone, especially the blue variety, became so popular that it was counterfeited from glass to meet the demand. Today, unfortunately, the stone is still sometimes counterfeited from glass.

Gemstone Fluorite Care

Fluorite can be cleaned and charged in several ways. However, the stone can lose its color when it is exposed too much to direct sunlight. Cleaning with water is also not recommended. Read our Blog on Basic Crystal Care for tips.

More Gemstones at Spiru

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