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Tumbled Gemstones

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Tumbled Gemstones

Tumbled gemstones are raw crystals that have been sawed to a manageable size and then polished in a rock tumbler. This gently rolls the crystals, causing them to touch. After about four to six weeks in the tumbler, the friction of the crystals together with water and an abrasive material, produces completely polished crystals called Cuddle or Worry Stones. Harder gemstones and minerals are especially ideal for this process.

Tumbled Gemstone Products

Tumbled Gems can be small, medium or XL. The large tumbled gemstones are also known as Palm Stones, because according to many, they fit perfectly in your hand. The medium to small tumbled gemstones are sometimes made into Gemstone Beads. The grit that remains after tumble polishing consists mostly of chips, sometimes also called split. Tumbled gemstone chips are a popular product for jewelry and crystal mixes.

Using Tumbled Gemstones

Because tumbled polished gemstones feel smooth on the skin, many people use them for massage, gemstone therapy, Reiki or for chakra balancing with special Chakra Gemstones. Because of their smoothness, tumbled gemstones are also suitable for making Gemstone Water. Tumbled stones do not easily shed grit and of all crystal types, they are least likely to damage glassware.

Popular Tumbled Gemstones

People who like to work with polished crystals often choose:

  • Celestine tumbled stone
  • Rose Quartz tumbled stone
  • Amethyst tumbled stone
  • Agate tumbled stone
  • Citrine tumbled stone

Below you can read what spiritual meanings these stones carry and why crystal experts like to use them for their mandalas, grids and arrangements.

Celestine Tumbled Gemstone

Celestine is a mineral that reminds many crystal connoisseurs of heavenly spaces. This stone is believed to make communication with guides, lightworkers and angels easier. It is also considered to be a supporter of personal creativity and intuition. According to connoisseurs, the larger the size, the more powerful the vibe of this crystal becomes. A Jumbo Gemstone of Blue Celestine could therefore be perfect to place in your meditation room for a creativity boost!

Rose Quartz Tumbled Gemstone

According to gemstone therapists, rose quartz is a very romantic quartz, often used with the intention of stimulating acceptance of yourself and others. This mineral is said to help users to give and receive love. Moreover, such a smooth, tumbled version of the crystal is ideal for holding in your hand or massages. It feels so fine!

Amethyst Tumbled Gemstone

Amethyst is an absolutely unmissable mineral for many crystal collectors. This versatile crystal is said to increase concentration, cultivate mental peace and help you reach personal insights. In addition, the energy of this stone is said to be particularly mild, making it suitable for novice gemstone users. Together with the Rose Quartz and Rock Crystal, Amethyst also forms the Golden Triangle Gemstones, a combination intended to spread harmony.

Agate Tumbled Gemstone

Agate comes in many different varieties, from bright red colored to black or milky white. What these varieties have in common, according to gemology, is their spiritual meaning of stability and grounding. Agate is very popular as a tumbled stone because many people like to hold such a smooth and soothing crystal.

Citrine Tumbled Gemstone

Citrine is a relatively precious crystal and also very popular. Tumbled stones of this yellow colored mineral are said to arouse optimism and increase vitality. Polished Citrine stones are available in different quality types and price ranges. Are you looking for a slightly cheaper crystal with a similar effect? According to gemologists, you could also try Ametrine!

Wide Assortment of Gemstones at Spiru

At Spiru you will not only find other Polished Gemstones such as Pocket Stones and Gemstone Slices, but also an extensive collection of Raw Gemstones. Whatever type or size you are looking for, you can start a beautiful crystal collection at Spiru today!