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Tumbled Gemstones

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Tumbled gemstones are rough crystals that are sawn to a manageable size and then ‘drummed’. Especially the harder gems and minerals are ideal for this operation. The gemstones are processed in a rocking drum with water and abrasive. This is done in different phases and can take up to four to six weeks. During this process the stones touch each other. In this way they are stripped of rough edges and protrusions. So they sand each other smooth. What remains are polished gemstones. These are also called hugging stones because they are so soft.

Crumpled gemstones can be small, medium or large stones. The remaining grit is called split. These small stones can often be found in a drum stone mix such as charging and discharging sets. It is also used to make beads. Moreover, drummed gemstones come from all over the world. That is why you will also find pots with mixed stones from different countries.

Usage of gemstones in tumblestones

Drumstones are smooth and have a shiny appearance. This makes these stones suitable for use on the body. This can be for massage, gemstone therapy, Reiki and chakrabalancing. For special chakra tumblestones please check our assortment Chakra Gemstones.
Dimmers are also a favourite for making precious stone water or crystal water. This is because the stones are relatively small and smooth. This makes them easy to fit in a glass or carafe. Moreover, they do not damage them, unlike ruggee stones.
Drumstones are also just beautiful to look at. So you can also use them decoratively. Again, it is useful that drummed stones can be safely placed in glass. So you can easily make beautiful vases and mood lights filled with stones in different colors!
Tumblestones made to measure and weight
You can buy drummed stones at Spiru according to size and weight. It is not possible to order tumblestones per piece.
Split or fine tumblestones are often supplied in a window box. Larger tumblestones are also available in a pot and are generally available in the sizes S, M, L and XL. These pots have a fixed weight. The exact amount of stones varies per package.
You can also opt for weight-only tumblestones. These drummed gemstones are not delivered in a pot. Small or mini split stones are available in our webshop from 10 gram. Medium and large tumblestones can be ordered from a minimum of 50 grams.
Tumblestones mix
Drumstones are often delivered in a pot. It can contain one or more types of stone. One kind of gem is useful if you want to create a mandala, grid or set up, for example. The drumstone mix is ideal for making sierads. Or when you want to use the stones as decoration. Unique collections from different countries are available. Beautiful in color and character.
A special drumsten mix is the Golden Triangle. These are three gems that can reinforce each other. The Golden Triangle is available as a mixed split and as a mix of larger tumblestones.
Care for crumpled gemstones
Like all crystals, Drumstones are cared for by regular cleaning and charging.