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Chakra Gemstones

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Chakra gems are real gems matched to the colors and energy of the seven chakras. They are therefore used for chakra balancing, Reiki or chakra healing with gems. These sets can help to open or rebalance the chakras. But even if you’re not a therapist, you can still get started with the sets! Simply use them to meditate or give more attention to the seven areas of life. According to experts, by holding these hugging stones you can activate the hand chakras!
Sense of the chakras
Chakra is Sanskrit for ‘wheel’ and means wheel of energy. The chakras are the nerve nodes or energy centres in the human body. Most traditions are based on seven chakras. Traditionally they are depicted as lotuses and with different symbols. The chakrak colours are also identical to the order and colours of the rainbow. So they form a harmonious whole!

Together, the individual chakras form a system. This means that they have an effect on each other and work together. Each chakra therefore has specific properties and functions. These are also called different kinds of consciousness. You can see them as different areas of life. For example, the first chakra is linked to survival and the second to creativity. The third is your self-esteem and the fourth tells you something about love. Chakra five is communication, six provides insight and main chakra seven connects you to the higher.
Sense of the chakra stones
Chakras can be felt in your body and can be read from your behaviour. So they have physical and emotional sides. To open or balance chakras, special colors, symbols and precious stones are often used. Each chakra has a certain colour. This in turn includes symbols and gems. The most common chakra colors and gemstones are:

1 – muladhara – root chakra- red
red jasper
2 – swadisthana – sacrum chakra- orange
peach aventurine, carnelean, orange calcite
3 – manipura – solar plexus- yellow
gold quartz, citrine, yellow agate, yellow jasper
4 – anahata – heart chakra- green & pink
rose quartz or green aventurine
5 – vishuddha chakra – throat chakra- blue
lapis lazuli, sodalite, blue chalcedony
6 – ajna – third eye – indigo
amethyst, grey-blue agate
7 – sahasrara – crown chakra- violet
rock crystal or amethyst

Chakra gemstones laying
You can use chakra gems with yourself or with someone else. There are different ways to lay the stones. On the internet you can find a lot of options. In energy work, however, it is important that you experiment and feel for yourself. Therefore here is a basic exercise to experience the stones for yourself:

Lay down and place the 7 stones one by one on their corresponding chakras. Now relax for about 10 to 50 minutes. Notice if you feel the effect and if so, where and how.

Spiru has a selection of chakra gemstones, all made according to the above principle. You will find different shapes of gems. The tumblestones, handstones or bagstones are particularly suitable for use on the body. These are polished in a pleasant shape so you can easily hold them in your hand or put them on your body. The piramids, cones and ruffy gemstones are ideal for use in constellations or in a Reiki setting. In addition, you will also find beautiful gemstones with symbolic meaning. Think of stones in heart shape, with chakrasymbols or reiki characters. This way your chakra stones get even more strength. For a special energy you can also try our orgonite chakra stones. Worth the experience!