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Esotericism: Uncover Spiritual Mysteries

By Maggie 9 May 2022
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Esotericism is the knowledge of invisible things. How do you contact that wisdom? Here’s how to work esoterically!

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What does esoteric mean? The concept itself is pretty mysterious and there are several ways to interpret it. Here you can read what esotericism means and which tools are important in revealing this hidden knowledge!

What is Esotericism? Esoteric Definition

To define esoteric, let’s begin with the ancient Greek word: esōterikós. It means ‘only for the initiated’. Ancient philosophers used this word to describe their teachings. Only a small group of selected students received lessons, making it very special and mysterious. The meaning of esoteric has expanded a great deal since then, but it still holds its core idea of  knowledge that is not easy to learn. Esoteric now generally means hidden mystical wisdom or knowledge of invisible powers. Think, for example, of research in the field of cosmic energy, magic, or spirits. Esoteric isn’t just one discipline, and it can mean many things! Mysterious, isn’t it?

Difference Between Esotericism and Spirituality

Spirituality comes from the Latin spiritus meaning spirit or soul. Spirituality is using spiritual skills and connections for guidance and to make inspired choices. Esotericism is knowledge that explains how the  spiritual works and how you can learn from it.  So try to look at it this way, spirituality is how you try to tap into the esoteric. Meaning, your spiritual practice reveals hidden knowledge.  Therefore, if you are spiritually minded, then you probably practice with esoteric tools already! They go hand in hand.

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 Esoteric Currents

The esoteric is very broad, so many spiritual movements fall under it. There are three major groups of esoteric thought. First is inner knowledge. This is the easiest to understand because it is most closely linked to spirituality and religion. If you want to learn to listen to your Guardian Angels then that is this first type of esotericism.

The second group is what most comes to mind when you hear the word esoteric: an enchanted world view.  Examples of magical Western esotericism are astrology, alchemy, magic, kabbalah, but also anthroposophy. These practices reveal a bit of magic in your daily life.

There are also secret societies that practice the mysterious together, which probably make you think of the occult.  But there also movements that openly use phenomena that cannot (yet) be explained by science. Whether secret or open to everyone, these groups fall into the third category: lost or rejected knowledge. Western Wicca therefore fits in the list, which isn’t so scary is it?  Eastern practices like Yoga or Reiki also fall into this group because they provide insight and energy that isn’t scientifically accepted. They have great benefits to practitioners, even if science doesn’t understand.

Esotericism as Energetic Medicine

Esoteric healing interests many deeply spiritual people.  This is also similar to healing and cleansing familiar to those who practice Shamanism. Esoteric healing engages the soul and therefore mystical energy. It focuses on restoring your personal connection with cosmic knowledge such as guardian angels and spirit guides. According to practitioners, this healing is a combination of scientific modern healing and intuitive medicine. Today esoteric healers widely use Alice Bailey’s books as guides. These books provide guidelines for working with cosmic power and spiritual energy.

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Symbolism in Esotericism

There are many important esoteric symbols. Symbols are more than just beautiful or inspiring, they carry universal energy and thus could move or change energies in the user. Well-known spiritual powerhouses are, for example, the Pentagram, Tree of Life, and Flower of Life. Buddhists and Hindus often look to the Ohm Sign, the Lotus Flower, and Mandala.

Examples of Esoteric Tools

Developing your inner wisdom is important in all esoteric practices. But how do you do that? By practicing with spiritual tools of course! and it’s even better to use tools that are bursting with symbolism. For example, experiment with:

  • Tarot
  • I Ching
  • Glass Ball
  • Horoscope
  • Pendulums


People have been using Tarot cards for spiritual insight since the Middle Ages. The cards contain colorful symbolism from different traditions. You’ll see everything from Egyptian characters, Greek gods and goddesses, to Judeo-Christian symbols. According to fanatic tarot readers, the cards can touch you on a deep spiritual level! But some believe that even playing cards can be used, so grab a deck and try it out!

I Ching

The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is a Chinese oracle book. Similar to an almanac, it gives hints about what natural energy and magic is present at a given time through natural imagery. By using it, you can focus your energy and tap into nature.

Glass or Crystal Ball

Staring into a Glass Ball is a way for many witches and shamans to strengthen their intuition. Because of its round shape and reflection, you could gain access to knowledge from deep within! If you’re a visual person, then try finding wisdom by looking into a crystal ball.


Esoteric astrology uses the contents of your Horoscope as representation of your life destiny. Knowing the symbolism of constellations, planets, and Houses of your Zodiac could then help you to unravel your personal path. Even the Elements of Zodiac Signs can reveal hidden truths to you!


You’ve probably seen it before, a fortune teller swinging a beautiful pendulum while reading someone’s fortune. But pendulums are more than just an accessory. They allow you to tap into your subconscious and other cosmic energies in your body. Learn How a Pendulum Works in your hands, so that you could then use one to tap into the hidden wisdom that is already inside of you!

Making Esoteric Simple? Use Your Body!

Is this all a bit too complicated? That’s ok, there are ways to gain wisdom without all the symbols. If you’re looking for something simple, then try getting physical to make contact with your deeper self. Meditating is a great way in for many people. You could use sound for help, for example with the cosmic sounds from a Singing Bowl.  If you like using sound, then dancing also helps to look inside yourself, just like drumming or chanting Mantras too!

Do routines give you peace of mind and help you to center yourself? Then a regular yoga practice might be your ticket to esoteric clarity. Don’t be intimidated by difficult yoga poses, these are the best for concentration! Grab a yoga block, strap, or bolster for a helping hand and give them a try.

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How to Practice Esoteric Skills

If you’re interested in getting started with the esoteric, shop Spiru’s spiritual tools and get started practicing with your inner wisdom. However, while we can provide you with the tools, remember that it ultimately comes down to your own spiritual motivation. Your dedication to esoteric practices will determine your success! 

How do you practice esoteric skills?

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