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Raw Gemstones

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Buying Raw Gemstones

A raw gemstone is a naturally occurring stone in its original state. They can be found all over the world in rocks, mountains, and other rock formations. They are often millions of years old. If a gemstone is raw, it has generally not been processed. Sometimes there are some slight alterations done such as cutting them to reduce the size. However, even when cut their original lines, shapes, layers, and other rough qualities remain unchanged. Some minerals are too fragile or too small to be polished, and exist only in their rough form as raw gems. There are many types of raw gemstones for sale. Because there is little human interference, a gemstone rough in its appearance is closer to its original energy than highly refined gems.

Types and Sizes

Rough unaltered gemstones are highly sought after by collectors. However, you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy them. You can buy raw gems to use as an unusual decoration, in the creation of an altar, or for energy work like creating grids. Raw gemstones are therefore available as both large and small crystals. Gemstones are available individually, but for more extensive use, you can buy rough stones by the pot or by weight. All of the most popular rough gems are easily within your reach at Spiru! For example Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst are widely used and the Golden Triangle Gemstones are popular for laying grids and other formations.

The Influence of the Shape on Gemstone Healing Power

The appearance of a gemstone says a lot about its possible healing properties. Gemstones symbolize specific aspects of spiritual and physical health. The functioning of  cut stones is dependent on the symbolic meaning of the form in which they are cut. The energy of a cut gemstone or crystal flows differently than that of a raw gem. This can be attributed to the direction in which the crystals grow. The way in which a stone is cut can either intensify or interfere with the energy flow. Other properties such as the chemical elements play a role in the potential healing effects of gemstones.

Different Effects of Raw and Cut Gemstones

Raw gemstones have a different value for many people than the polished variety. Plants grow towards the light, and the energy of the roots flows upwards through the tree. This is also how it works with crystal growth. By cutting and polishing the gemstones the direction of their energy is affected. Many people use these cut forms for a special purpose, for example gemstone spheres, eggs, pyramids, or points. A raw stone is a conscious choice. For many people a rough gemstone is a symbol of the pure power of nature. The extensiveness of the processing also affects the functioning of gemstones. A stone in a rougher state is said to have more influence on a physical level. Tumbled stones are thought to work on both the physical and the emotional levels.

Using Raw Gemstones

Just as all gemstones have their own unique qualities, every person’s needs and sensitivities to gemstones are different. Because of this everyone has their own preferences when it comes to gems. Some minerals, for example rock crystal and selenite, are said to work strongest at their points. Gem enthusiasts use selenite to align their energy by laying a crystal lengthwise next to them.

Caring for your Raw Gems

Raw gemstones are thought to absorb negative energy from their environment, therefore it is very important to care for them correctly. Raw gemstones can be cared for just like most other crystals; clean them frequently and let them re-energize. Re-energizing your crystals is often done by laying them next to rock crystal or hematite stones, or by laying them in the moonlight or near flowing water.

Raw Gemstones at Spiru

At Spiru we have a complete assortment of raw gemstones for enthusiasts straight from nature. You can find anything from Geodes to Fossils or buy raw stones. There are even Discs and Statues made from unaltered gemstones. For a unique piece of jewelry check out our Gemstone Pendants or Gemstone Necklaces and Rings. There are great choices for gemstone gifts. Whatever you’re looking for in symbolic gem power, Spiru is the right place to find it!