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Raw gemstones are natural stones in their original state. These gemstones and minerals are not processed. The original lines, shapes, layers and veins are preserved. A rough gemstone is often exactly as it was found!

Rough gems are found all over the world in rocks, mountains and other rocks. They are often millions of years old. Recognising raw gemstones is therefore quite an art. Of course you can’t see from the outside what’s inside! Unprocessed gemstones are therefore sought after by collectors. But you don’t have to be a connoisseur to enjoy these natural beauties. They can also serve as a special decoration or as an instrument in energy work. You can use rough stones for example grids, setups or altars. This is how Mother Nature helps you!
Operation of raw crystals
According to many, a rough gemstone has a completely different energy than a polished or polished variant. So you can consciously choose to use a raw stone in your ritual. As in all energy work, it is of course personal whether you feel a difference. And if so, what exactly! That is therefore worth investigating.

According to some, the natural energy flow of stones is interrupted by polishing or grinding. This is because processing sometimes goes against the growth direction of the crystal. In this way, the energy can change direction or feel differently. Others experience the power of rough stones as stronger than polished. Therefore, they use raw stones for purposes other than for example bag stones. It is also believed that rough crystals have a strong physical effect. That’s why many enthusiasts place an unprocessed stone in their meditation or silence room. So they enjoy the earthly power of crystals.
Care for raw stones
Like all crystals, raw gemstones are cared for by regularly cleaning and charging them. You can read more about that in our Basic tips for taking care of gems.
Rough gems at Spiru
Spiru has a complete range of rough stones. You will find small gemstones but also large rough gemstones. There are pots with rough tumblestones, but also loose gemstones in a box or by weight. There is also a wide choice in raw quartz and crystals. Especially rough amethyst is very popular. This stone is part of the Golden Triangle with which setups and grids are laid. We have these of course in small chunks, but also as beautiful geodes. In short, enough choice for collectors, gemstone experts and energy workers!