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Gemstone tips are crystals with a natural or polished tip. Pointed stones are often used in energy work. These can be setups or grids , but also massage or therapy. The point is a powerful form, with which many people can work in a focused way.

Double inder

These crystals are also called colon. They are stones with two pointed sides. This can be by nature, but also by grinding. According to many people, the energy in double cylinders is directed in two directions. These stones are therefore symbolic of contradictions. These can be masculinity and femininity, but also heaven and earth. Colons are therefore often used to bring something or someone into harmony. They can give the feeling of connection.

Point shaped gemstones at Spiru

Spiru has a varied assortment of real gemstone tips. You will find various shapes and shapes of , types of stone and weights. There are collections available with rough dots, but also sets of one kilo. For example, ideal if you want to create a large setup or grid.
Of course you will also find loose rough double cylinders and polished obelisken. Also beautiful are our unique gemstones with pointed shape. These are partially polished, so that the powerful shape of the crystal is preserved. A nice presence in your house or on your altar. Of course, point pendants should not be missing either. They are often faceted, with or without chakras. So you always have the power of a gemstone point with you!


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