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Gemstone Eggs

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Gemstone eggs are hand-cut natural stones in egg form. They are mainly used for energy purposes. Egg-shaped stones absorb negative energy according to many. They purify to create new power. Therefore, an egg evokes associations of growth and a new beginning.

Operation of precious stones eggs

Stone eggs are also experienced as protective. This is not strange, since the egg also symbolises birth and safety. This primal form is reminiscent of female properties or energy. You also call them yin. Gemstone eggs are used in all kinds of introspection and self-examination. For example, you can experience safety in being yourself.


In rooms
You can put the egg on a foot in a quiet room. For example, your meditation room or bedroom. This way the stone can support you in careful and loving self-examination. Some recommend placing an egg on every corner of your bed. After a few days this would have a positive effect on the night’s sleep.

Meditation and massage
Stem eggs are often used on the body. Because of its oval, smooth shape it is suitable for massage therapy. The egg lies comfortably in the hand. It is not that big either. Therefore it can be nice to meditate or sleep with the egg. As with all gemstones, you should clean and charge them regularly. Especially if you use the eggs for massage, good cleaning is necessary.

Yoni egg for advanced users
Gemstone eggs are also used as yoni egg. However, they are not recommended for beginners. These eggs contain no hole at the top. Our range of yoni eggs can be found in our assortment for Yoni Massage.


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