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Gemstone Rings

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Gemstone Rings are rings that contain Real gemstone. They are made entirely or partly of stone. In that case they have a band of metal or 925 silver. This is then vast or adjustable.

What gemstone ring suits me?
For many people, precious stones and minerals have a symbolic meaning. They then stand for certain qualities or forces. Therefore stones are often used as reminder to a wish or intent. For others, crystals are just a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is of course very special that something so beautiful comes from the earth! Also a ring is a symbolic thing. For centuries, rings have been a sign of loyalty. You can therefore choose gemstone rings in different ways. For example, ask yourself to what you want to be loyal. Then you can choose a stone that suits you. You can also rely on your intuition. And if you prefer to be loyal to someone else, just give a nice ring gift!

Stoning Rings

Stoning Rings are massive gemstone rings. They are available in different variants including Blue Quartz and Hematiet. You can also find here Schedel Rings with a carved skull at the top. Stone rings are robust and stoer, especially for real gem lovers. The design is sober, so that the crystal comes into its own. So are you looking for simple stone power? Then you’re right at our stone rings!

Adjustable Rings

Adjustable rings are gemstone rings with an adjustable strap of silver or metal. They can also be stretchable such as Stretch Rings. Adjustable rings are ideal if you don’t know your ring size. Or if you want to make a beautiful jewelry gift. With these rings you always make good jewelry. Because of the handy design this ring fits everyone and always. Not only now, but also in the future. An adjustable ring is a gemstone ring that will give you years of pleasure!

Silver Rings

Silver Rings
Silver Rings With gemstone are rings of 925 sterling silver or silvered metal. They contain one or more stones. These are used or clamped in different ways.
Sterling or 925 silver is a alloy of various metals. This silver version contains at least 92.5% pure silver. Therefore, it is also known as 925. These three digits are often engraved in the product . So you can be sure it’s real silver! Silver plated rings are made of metal with a layer of 925 on top. In the description of our products is always clearly stated which silver has been used.
Silver Rings with gemstone are a wonderful addition to your collection. The silver ensures that the stone stands out well. Also silver strong>strong and is durable. So you can enjoy the symbolic power of your crystal for a long time!

Delivery stones jewellery at Spiru

Do you like to wear real gems? Spiru has a wide range of crystal creations. If you are looking for a matching piece of jewellery, take a look at our Edelstenen Bracelets, Hangers or Kains. If you want to complete the picture, there are of course also Edelsteen Earrings available. From head to toe in gemstone. That’s how we like it!