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Polished Gemstones

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Polished gemstones are carved natural stones. They have been partially or completely smoothed. This is usually done by hand. Sometimes minerals are polished in a certain shape. For example if cabochon, disk or ei. With other stones, the natural shape is preserved as much as possible. Then a part of the stone is for example polished or drummed. These large pieces of gemstone no longer have sharp edges. And the original shape of the stone is emphasized!

Polished stones are used as decoration, but also for energy work. It depends on the shape of the stone which energetic effects it can have. They are therefore placed in arrangements or on altars. You can also use it to create a grid or energy field.
Operation of polished stones
According to many, a polished or worked gemstone has a completely different energy than a rough variant. So you can consciously choose to use a smooth stone in your ritual. As in all energy work, it is of course personal whether you feel a difference. And if so, what exactly! That is therefore worth investigating.

According to some, the natural energy flow of stones is interrupted by polishing or grinding. This is because processing sometimes goes against the growth direction of the crystal. In this way, the energy can change direction or feel differently. Actually, he is sent in a certain direction. For example, many people experience a clear difference in effect between a gemstone bol or piramid.

Polished gemstones at Spiru

At Spiru you will find real A-quality gemstones. There are many varieties available from us: very famous, but also rare stones from all over the world. Are you looking for a unique gift or a powerful stone for your meditation room? You can find them here. Whether you need a small stone or a large one, you’ll find what you need in our wide range!