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Polished Gemstones

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Polished gemstones are processed natural stones. They are partially or completely smooth and have no sharp edges. Polished stones are used as decoration, as well as for energy work. It depends on the shape of the stone which energy effects it may have. They are therefore used in therapy and constellations, but also as soothing worry stones.

Effects of Polished Gemstones

According to many people, a processed gemstone has a completely different energy than its raw variant. Choosing to use a smooth stone in your ritual should therefore be done deliberately with your intentions in mind. According to some, polishing interrupts the natural energy flow of the stone. Polishing or cutting can cause the energy to change direction or to feel different. For example, many people experience a clear difference between the effects of gemstone Spheres versus Pyramids. Polished stones have their own unique qualities.

Caring for Smooth Gems

Like all crystals, you take care of polished gemstones by cleaning and charging them regularly. Streaming water and moonlight are great for gemstone care.

Polished Gemstones at Spiru

At Spiru you will find real gemstones of the highest quality, whether that be popular crystals or rare gemstones from all over the world. Are you looking for a unique gift or a powerful stone for your meditation room? Take a look at our Sculptures and Points. You’ll find polished gemstones for sale in larger quantities in our Tumbled Gemstones collections and Gemstone Sets. No matter what you’re looking for, you will find rock solid energy at Spiru!


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