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Buying fossils

Fossils are petrified remains of plants and animals that used to live. The word fossil comes from the Latin fossilis. That means ‘found by digging’. Petrified remains are mainly found in sand or clay. There are two types of fossils: prints and petrified remains. A print is actually a stamp, for example of an animal or leaf. The animal or plant itself can also turn into stone. Then you have the original in your hands!

Often only the hard parts of an organism remain, such as bones. It’s easier to stone them. In plants, the natural material is usually converted into quartz. For example, you get fossil wood or stone primeval trees. Also resin can stone, then you get copal or amber.

This is how fossils are created

Fossils are created in a special way. It is very rare that an organism is preserved so well. Plants and animals decompose very quickly. Except when little or no oxygen is added to the process. This happens when the plant or dead animal is quickly covered with stone or soil. Because of the pressure of mud, clay or sand, the shape remains intact. The organism does not rot away or rot away more slowly. It can also not be eaten by other animals. This creates the chance that bones or hard parts will stone. If extra layers of material, such as sand and ice, are added, more pressure is created. This way, even less air is added to the remains. At high temperatures, the sand around it changes into stone and the organism is enclosed. Slowly it is pressed between the earth layers.

Fossils are formed between layers of stone, gravel or other loose material such as clay and sand. That’s what you call sediment. Marine animals are therefore less rare than terrestrial animals. Under water there is less oxygen. Also, animals or plant remains sink faster into the mud. This is how fossils are created rather than above water. So if you find a fossil of a land animal, you’re lucky!

Trilobites and ammonites

Trilobites and ammonites
Well known petrified animals are trilobites and ammonites. These are marine animals that became extinct millions of years ago. They are therefore guide fossils. Ammonites and trilobites tell you how old the earth layer they are in. You can also date other animals and plants in that layer.

Collecting fossils

Many people save these stones. It is very special to find a fossil for your own collections! If you don’t have the possibility to go out on your own, you can find a lot of real fossils in our webshop. Useful if you want to give a talk or search for new bricks for your collection.

Spiru has popular species such as trilobite, ammonite and shark tooth for sale. You will also find real dinosaurus fossils with us. For example, a tooth! Are you looking for beautiful petrified plants? We sell petrified corals, bamboo, palm, wood and even cassave. The semi-fossil copal is also available from us. Petrified organisms can be found in all kinds of different designs. There are rough stones, but also polished versions, hangers and substructors. Enough choice for the fossil fans!