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Customers rate Spiru 9.1/10

Buy Gemstone Discs

Gemstone discs are slices or discs of real gemstone. They can be (partly) polished or cut. Some discs are polished on both sides and others still have rough, authentic edges. There are also so-called end pieces. These are round stones from which two sides are cut to a quarter. One side of it is polished. This is how the inside of the stone appears. End pieces can therefore be very nice as a showpiece!

Using Gemstones Disks

Flat gems have multiple applications. You can use the discs not only as decoration, but also for energy work. Many people use crystal discs as a coaster. You can then place objects on it that need to be charged energetically. This can be done in an arrangement, on an altar or during a ritual.

Gemstone discs are also indispensable when making Edelsteenwater. This is water charged with the energy of gems and minerals. For many people this is a popular method of drinking healthy water with extra positive energy! To make gem water, place a carafe of water on a activated stone disc for a few hours. For that you choose of course a crystal that fits your intention. The water can then absorb the energy of this type of stone. After charging the water, the discs themselves must be taken care of again.

Delivery stone disc of your choice

Spiru has a versatile range of gemstone discs. They come in all shapes and sizes. Partly rough or fully polished. As hanger, standing end piece, substructors or whimsical sticking. It depends on the form how you can use them. Pendants with a crystal plaque on them are of course beautiful as jewelry. Agate end pieces or discs are a special addition to your interior or altar. Then order a handy holder at an agate disk. So you have a unique mood light in one go. Also nice to give as a present of course! Just like the set of coasters of agate for a cozy tea ceremony.

You will also find A-quality coasters for your energy work or rituals. You can choose from different types of purifying stone, to suit your purpose and activities. Popular variants are rock crystal, pink quartz and labradorite. But also for an earthy petrified wood disk you’ve come to the right place. Stone-good energy can be found at Spiru!