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Geodes are a magical product of nature. Actually, a geode is an ancient petrified gas bubble. Inside it is partly hollow and covered with beautiful crystals.

Geodes were created millions of years ago. They are a product of volcanic eruptions. During the eruption, gas bubbles were formed in the liquid magma. When this solidified again, the bubbles remained stuck. Silica then flowed into the hollow space of the bubble. That slowly formed crystals. Geodes are often found in volcanic areas. They are removed from the ground like bulbs. They also occur in rock formations.

A geode usually contains a layer of quartz inside, for example selenite, amethyst or rock crystal. It can also contain calcite. It is sometimes said that the lightest bulbs have the most beautiful inside. The geode is therefore split open with special pliers. It can also be sawn open. In that case the edges are polished neatly. This way the beautiful and unique inside will appear!

Symbolism and meaning

Geodeses are assigned different meanings. They almost always have something to do with purity and harmony. Its shape, for example, is reminiscent of a uterus. The geode in itself is actually a small breeding ground. Therefore, the stone often evokes feelings of security and protection.

Because the inside is refined and the outside rough, you can also see a geode as a symbol of inner beauty. Of course, both of yourself and of others! In addition, it symbolizes a geode duality. It may be one stone, but the two halves are unique. That is why a geode is also a beautiful sign of connection between lovers, friends and soulmates.

Operation of a geode

Quartz is a powerful amplifier and distributor of energy. It purifies and cleans the environment. Therefore, geodes of rock crystal or selenite are used to charge precious stones. Also an amethyst geode is suitable for this. You simply put the gems in the cavity for half a day. Because the stones are completely surrounded by the geode, this is very effective. The energy from it works both ways. That means that the crystals of the geode radiate both outwards and towards each other. This way the cavity remains full of energy.

Geodes at Spiru

Spiru sells a wide range of beautiful geodesics. You can find them for example from rhinestone, amethyst and agaat. The weight varies from 20 grams to 22 kg. There are relatively cheap variants, but also unique amethyst geodes. Whether you’re looking for a small quartz ball for your altar or an impressive sculpture for your home, with us you’re in the right place!