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A geode is a fossilized gas bubble that is completely or partially hollow inside. The inside of these spherical rock bubbles are often covered with one or more types of crystals. This crystal coating is called a druse. Breaking open a geode stone reveals the crystals. When buying a geode you can choose between a polished stone or one in natural form.

What is a Geode?

Geode rocks are products of volcanoes, forming as gas bubbles in liquid magma millions of years ago. The bubbles solidify and remain hard and intact. Overtime, water containing silicic acids flows from the surface and penetrates the surface of the cooled magma bubbles. The minerals carried in this water slowly form crystals on the inner layer of the cavity. These crystals grow over a very long period of time; even over millions of years. Geodes are a real piece of history!

Where are Geodes Found?

Geodes sit like spheres in the soil of sedimentary and volcanic rocks. Important sites include Brazil, India, Uruguay, Mexico, the United States and Namibia. Europe also has areas where geodes can be found, such as Germany, Hungary and Bulgaria. Multiple crystals can be hidden in the cavity of one Geode. Chihuahua, Mexico is the place to find special geodes with unusual druses. Nowhere else in the world are so many different types found!

Why Different Crystals Form

The mineral types that have penetrated a geode stone determine what kind of druse will form. The chemical reaction that takes place between the mineral types within the gas bubble causes the formation of crystal types. Most crystal geodes are quartz geodes. There are two main groups of quartz crystals, each with a slightly different formation process. The first group are the macrocrystalline quatz, which are the varieties with crystals that you can actually see. The second group are the cryptocrystalline quartz, where you cannot see the crystals with the naked eye.

Common Crystals

Even though there are many types of crystals that can form, some are more common than others. The most common types include the Rock Crystal geode, Amethyst geodes and Smoky Quartz geodes. Other common quartz druses include white and blue Chalcedony and Selenite. The stone Calcite can also be inside a geode, but this has a different formation process. A druse can also contain more than one quartz crystal. When quartz crystals form in bands they produce an Agate, which is often found with Opal.

The Geode: Meaning and Use

People assign different meanings to the geode. Usually these have to do with purity and harmony. The cavity is often seen as a kind of nursery for crystals. This reminds some of a uterus. Some people believe that geodes evoke feelings of maternal security and protection. The two halves of one geode are also sometimes used to symbolize connection between lovers, friends, and soul mates.

Spiritual Effects

A rock sphere in itself has no specific spiritual effect, but the types of crystals in it do. One is the Rock Crystal geode and is said to promote one’s energy, willpower and purpose. Amethyst is related to the Rock Crystal and therefore has many similar properties. For example, an Amethyst geode is said to promote spiritual clarity, awareness of spirituality, and recognition of spiritual reality. Agate, on the other hand, stimulates spiritual growth and provides insight into yourself and your environment.

Cleaning and Charging

For many people geodes have a special energy because they recharge themselves. In theory, a quartz geode can also Charge and cleanse other gems. For these gem Cleansing Methods, you can buy a Rock Crystal geode or Selenite. There are also Amethyst geodes for sale for this purpose. Gemstones can be placed in the cavity of a geode for half a day, so that they are surrounded by quartz crystal. According to many, this has a powerful cleansing and charging effect.

Ā Amethyst Geodes Explained

When youā€™re looking to buy geodes, you will undoubtedly come across the Amethyst geode from Brazil. Amethyst is a member of the quartz family. For many the importance of Amethyst goes beyond the beauty of its deep purple luster. Lovers of gemstones use amethyst geodes for spiritual purposes. Amethyst is said to awaken a sense of justice and a sharp judgmental ability which creates an atmosphere of honesty and sincerity. This is just one of the ways Amethyst works according to spiritual experts!

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