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Pocket Stones are precious stones that are sawn into slices and then polished by hand. These slices are usually between 4 and 6 centimetres in size. That is why they are also called handstones or huggingstenen. Bricks are used to work with energy. They are portable, light and easy to use. Ideal when you’re traveling or on the go. Because of this you always have great energy with you! It is not for nothing that bricks are sometimes called health bricks.

Skinds of precious stones pocket stone

Bricks come in all kinds of variations. Every crystal or mineral has its own composition and colour. That’s why many people feel a difference in vibrations in the types of stone. That is also called the electromagnetic field. Sometimes our pocket stones also contain a beautiful symbol. Thus, the working of the stone is strengthened with a powerful intention!

Always choose a stone that fits your intention! For example, do you want to give attention to a certain chakra? Purchase a handy set or choose a stone that suits you with the chakra:

1st chakra: red – red jasper
2nd chakra: orange – peach aventurine, carnelean, orange calcite
3rd chakra: yellow – gold quartz, citrine, yellow agate, yellow jasper
4th chakra: green – rose quartz, green jade or green aventurine
5th chakra: blue – lapis lazuli, sodalite, blue chalcedony
6th chakra: indigo – amethyst, grey-blue agate
7th chakra: violet – rock crystal or amethyst

Use pocket stones

Meditation & therapy
Of course, bricks fit easily in your pocket or under your clothes. So you can wear them close to your body. You can also hold a stone during meditation. According to some, this is how to activate the chakras in the hand.

Because the stones are polished, they have no sharp edges. This makes it suitable for placing pocket stones on the body. This happens for example in gemstone or chakra therapy.

In spaces
Of course you can also place pocket stones on your altar, alone or in a arrangementwith other gemstones. Many people put a sack next to a picture of a loved one. In addition, these stones don’t look out of place in a nice spot in home.

Gemstones are also often placed under the bed, pillow or on the bedside table if the stone in question promotes sleep or dreams. A little bit in your workspace or practice can also be pleasant. For example, choose a species that is known for its concentration-enhancing qualities. Or one that stimulates your heart when you work with people. Always let your intuition speak!