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Gemstones Pyramids

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Gemstone Pyramids

Gemstone pyramids are crystals in pyramid shape. You can buy such a spiritual pyramid in all shapes and sizes. Synthetic or natural, pyramid shaped crystals are mainly used in energy work such as constellations, grids and Reiki.

Gemstones Pyramids: How They Work

The pyramid shape is said to direct and amplify energy. According to this theory, the tip of the pyramid attracts cosmic energy. This energy is also called chi, prana or orgone. The tip then sends the energy through the pyramid to the ground plane, which can also bounce energy back out the tip! Enthusiasts feel that this creates a connection between high and low energy. Also, people are said to experience a powerful stream of energy from the tip. This is then used for different types of energy work.

Spiritual Meaning of the Pyramid

According to many, pyramids have a grounding effect, which is why they could help with complaints such as migraines or headaches. Sleep, meditation and concentration may also improve with the use of a pyramid. People also use stone pyramids to increase intuition and paranormal experiences.

Using Gemstone Pyramids

Because gemstone pyramids are said to promote harmony, they are often placed under the bed. You can use one crystal or several. They also have great properties for use in other spaces. For extra attention or concentration you can place some pyramids in your study or practice room. This is a common practice in Feng Shui. A pyramid can also be pleasant for meditation.

Combine Gemstone Pyramids

Healing and Reiki often use one or more pyramids in combination with another healing object. Pyramids are a useful tool in these practices for directing energy. They are also often used to read energy from a distance.

Caring for Gemstone Pyramids

Like all crystals, you take care of gemstone pyramids by cleaning and charging them regularly. You can read more about that in our Basic Tips for Caring for Gemstones.

Types of Gemstone Pyramids

Gemstone pyramids come in all kinds of crystals. Each crystal or mineral would, of course, have its own powers and properties. In addition, the pyramid shape is said to strengthen their working. Always choose a stone that suits your intention. For example, do you want gem pyramids to strengthen a particular Chakra? The chakra pyramids are available separately or in a set. Obsidian pyramids and pyramids of Aventurine are used against terrestrial radiation and water veins. Other commonly used gem pyramids are:

  • Rock Crystal Pyramid
  • Black Tourmaline Pyramid
  • Amethyst Pyramid
  • Lapis Lazuli Pyramid
  • Rose Quartz Pyramid
  • Shungite Pyramid

Rock Crystal Pyramid

The Rock Crystal pyramid is widely used by healers and energy-workers. The stone is used because it is believed to have a great healing power, to connect with the higher energies, and to neutralize heavy energy flows. In these practices the Rock Crystal would regulate, absorb, give, and store energy depending on the situation. It is a neutral and pure stone, and therefore the Rock Crystal pyramid could be charged for any energetic action. It is also thought to enhance the effect of other stones. According to experts, it protects the energy field from radiation and can cleanse and balance the chakras. If you want to use gemstone pyramids for concentration and clear thinking, the Rock Crystal pyramid is very suitable. In addition, it could give the user clear ideas, promote clairvoyance, and provide insight into their own motives and motivations. Rock Crystal would be very suitable for transmitting energy. The stone can be cleaned and charged using any of the common methods.

Black Tourmaline Pyramid

Black Tourmaline is known as a very powerful gemstone. Some users find the stone too powerful, because they feel that it immediately works in an acute manner, targeting existing blockages in the chakras, even ones from past lives and the family lines. According to this theory, the Black Tourmaline then helps to bring up the memories and remove the negative energy. This powerful stone would cleanse and protect the auras, ground, and convert negative energy and thoughts into positive ones, thus bringing balance between body and mind. In rooms with a lot of people, the Black Tourmaline pyramid may even absorb the negative energy of the room and people. It is also widely used against radiation and electrosmog. You could also place the stone near plants to try to promote growth and prevent pests.

Amethyst Pyramid

The Amethyst pyramid is known for its purifying and protective effect. According to experts, the stone carries a light field around it. At a large size, it may even clean and protect a space or auric field. The stone belongs to the third eye and the crown chakra which is why it is widely used by people who are at the beginning of their spiritual journey. It would be a suitable stone to help you develop your spiritual skills and to connect with spiritual guides and higher energies. This purple gemstone may also give you insight and help to create an inner space to process experiences such as trauma, loss and mourning. According to enthusiasts, Amethyst brings relief. This quartz could also help you to gain insight into behavior and choices, by helping you get rid of bad habits and addictions. If you also use gemstone pyramids for migraines, headaches or sleeping problems, the Amethyst pyramid may be a good choice.

Lapis Lazuli Pyramid

Lapis Lazuli is also known as the Stone of Truth or Friendship. The beautiful stone is rare and beautiful to see and wear. In Ancient Egypt they called the stone the Stone of Heaven. The heavenly Lapis Lazuli pyramid is very special according to enthusiasts. They believe that it is the stone of sovereignty which helps you tune in to your inner truth. In their eyes, it may promote astral travel, meditation, and clairvoyance. Both friendships and romantic relationships may be strengthened by this gemstone because Lapis Lazuli is believed to stimulate you to express your needs on an emotional level. It not only helps you to be honest and sincere in expressing your feelings, but also may make you more confident and in tune with your intuition. According to experts, Lapis Lazuli also promotes creativity, objectivity, and optimism. In addition, the gemstone is associated with the throat chakra and the third eye, so that it would stimulate visualization and clairvoyance. This may give you insight into past lives and solve any karmic problems.

Rose Quartz Pyramid

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. Although the color of the heart chakra is officially green like a Jade Pyramid, crystal Rose Quartz pyramids are also connected to the heart chakra. The Rose Quartz pyramid is said to soothe the emotional heart, help with trauma processing, purify the heart chakra, and stimulate inner healing. According to experts, it increases self-confidence and self-esteem. Many believe that the stone can open the heart to receive love and to also give love. Rose quartz is said to have a calming effect and encourage empathy, openness, and helpfulness. The stone could also stimulate creativity and imagination. The soft energy of the pink stone also makes it one of the suitable gemstones for children. He could make the child feel loved and safe. It may also help people to sleep through the night and can be placed under any bed, from very young to very old.

Shungite Pyramid

Shungite comes from Russia in Karelia where Peter the Great founded the first Russian spa using the water-purifying effects of Shungite, which he had personally experienced. It is often believed to be a stone resistant to radiation. Sungtie may absorb negative influences and electromagnetic radiation. It is said to be a healing stone with a unique composition and according to enthusiasts, Shungite could be harmonizing, anti-bacterial, purifying and protective. Because of its believed purifying qualities, it is sometimes used in water filtration. A Shungite crystal pyramid could be a soothing addition to your gemstone collection.

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