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Gemstone pyramids are used to work with energy. They combine the properties of natural stone with the effects of a pyramid shape.

Pyramids are considered special. Because of their shape they would have healing properties. Pyramids are therefore used to increase vitality and relieve pain. Many people experience the pyramid as a powerful tool with a strong energy. That is why it is often used in a therapeutic setting.

The pyramid shape would direct and strengthen energy. The point of the pyramid then attracts cosmic energy. These are also called chi, prana or orgone. The point then sends energy to the ground plane. That also happens the other way around. According to many, this creates a connection between high and low energy. The four planes of the pyramid also help. Because they come together in the top, they reinforce each other. According to many, a powerful beam is created with which you can work in a targeted manner. In addition, it is experienced that the stone by this shape comes into its own. The properties of the natural stone are thus emphasized.



Pyramids are used to bring energy from top to bottom. They can have a grounding effect. Therefore, they are traditionally used for mental disturbances. They support the spiritual abilities. A pyramid, for example, can relieve complaints of migraine or headaches. It also often has a positive effect on the night’s sleep. Spiritually, the pyramid shape stimulates intuition and paranormal experiences. It can also increase concentration. Pyramids are therefore also used in meditation and setting intentions.


Because gemstone pyramids promote harmony, they are often placed under the bed. You can use one stone or more. They also come into their own in other rooms. For extra attention or concentration you can place some pyramids in your study or practice room. This is common in the Feng Shui. Also in meditation a pyramid can be pleasant.

For healing, Reiki and divination often one or more pyramids are used in combination with an object. Pyramids are a useful tool to work with energy in a targeted way. They are often used to read energy from a distance.

Types of precious stones

Gemstone pyramids are available in all kinds of stones. Every crystal or mineral has its own powers. Moreover, the pyramid strengthens their action. Always choose a stone that fits your intention! For example, do you want to strengthen a certain chakra? The chakra triangles are available separately or in a set. Pyramids of obsidiaan and aventurijn are used against earth radiation and water veins.