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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Gemstone Spheres

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 Gemstone Sphere

Gemstone spheres are hand-cut natural stones in spherical form. They are mainly used for energy purposes. According to many, round stones give off an even energy. The surface radiates in all directions. In this way, the power of natural stone is gently dispersed. They also have no sharp edges. This allows them to help balance the environment. Circles also symbolise unity, wholeness and infinity. Bulbs also remind us of the sun, earth and planets. So special primal forces!


A gemstone ball is often used as a ‘radiant center’. This can be done, for example, in an arrangement of different stones. The round shape then influences the surrounding elements in an even way. Round stones are best placed on a base or stand. A pillow also works very well!

In rooms
Bulbs are often placed centrally in rooms. Workrooms, study places and practices can benefit from their balancing properties. For example, a jasper ball can help with organisational skills and quick thinking. Blue calcite also promotes concentration. The energy is also given off quietly. Therefore, a sphere is ideal for places where people study or work! The same goes for bedrooms or yoga schools. Wherever balance and clarity are needed, it can come into its own.

Meditation & therapy
Gemstone spheres are therefore experienced as harmonizing. It is said that tensions literally ‘slip away’ along the round shape. It is therefore not strange that the sphere can have positive effects during meditation. In that case you can hold a sphere or place it next to you. Due to its smooth surface and handy grip, it is also suitable for massage and body therapy.

Types & sizes

At Spiru you will find spheres in all sizes and stone types. The sizes of our bulbs vary from 2cm to 10 cm. You will find small cheap globes in our offer, but also large and rare variants. So there is a suitable ball for every purpose!