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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
Customers rate Spiru 9/10

Gemstones Slices

Gemstone slices of real gemstone. They can be (partially) polished or carved. Some sliced discs are polished on both sides and others still have rough, authentic edges. There are also so-called end pieces. These are round stones with two sides cut off to create a flat corner. One side has been polished, which reveals the inside of the stone. End pieces can therefore be placed very nicely as showpieces!

Placing Gemstones Slices

Flat gems have multiple uses. You can use the discs not only as decoration, but also for energy work. Many people use sliced crystal discs as coasters. You can then place objects on it that need to be energetically charged. This can be done, for example, in an arrangement, on an altar or during a ritual.

Using Slices for Gemstone Water

Gemstone slices are also indispensable when making Gemstone Water. This is water charged with the energy of gemstones and minerals. This is a popular method for many people to drink healthy water with extra positive energy boost! To make gemstone water, place a carafe of water on an activated gemstone disc for several hours. When making gemstone water it is best to choose a crystal that fits your intention. The water can then absorb the appropriate energy from the stone. After charging water, the discs themselves also need to be cared for.

Caring for Gemstone Slices

Like all crystals, you take care of gemstones by cleaning and charging them regularly. You can read more about that in our Basic tips for caring for gemstones: Cleansing Crystals & Charging Crystals.

Gemstone Slices at Spiru

Spiru has a versatile range of gemstone slices. They come in all shapes and sizes. Partly rough or completely polished. As a pendant, standing end piece, coasters or whimsical discs. What you choose should ultimately be based on how you wish to use it! Pendants with a crystal disc on them are of course, beautiful as jewelry. You will also find high quality coasters for your energy work or rituals. You can choose from different types of purifying stones that suit your intention and work. Popular varieties are made from Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, and Labradorite. You have even come to the right place to find discs with grounding qualities, to keep you down to earth. You will find rock solid energy at Spiru!

Agate Slices

End pieces and discs of sliced agate are a special addition to your interior or altar. You can also buy agate slices in combination with a handy Agate Slice Tea Light Holder. It is compact and portable, that way you have a unique mood light in one go. It is also nice to give as a gift of course! Just like the set of Gemstone Coasters made of agate for a cozy tea ceremony.

How Agate Slices Work

Your Agate Slices would have different effects, depending on their type. Discs with many layers could be used to help you feel protected and safe. These protective layers are seen as a means of promoting inner peace. According to users, the gemstone also has a positive effect on self-confidence and helps to remove doubts and insecurities. Moreover, it could help you with self-reflection and stimulate logical thinking. This way the stone may help bring you closer to solutions to your problems. Some enthusiasts even say that a blue agate disc could stimulate the throat chakra, relieving the vocal cords, and sore throats.

Agate Slices – Large or Small Discs

Sliced Agate discs are available in different sizes. Some enthusiasts consciously choose a large agate Slice to place in their house as an eye-catcher. But not only visually: in such a prominent display the energy of the larger discs would also be more noticeable. Is the large agate slice not your thing? Then we also have mini agate slices especially for you. Don’t worry, these could also provide stability, self-control and security in the same way as the larger disks. And no matter how small: the Agate stone is always a feast for the eyes!

More Gemstones Decoration and Gifts at Spiru

In addition to the Gemstone Slices , we also have Gemstone Trees, Gemstone Wind Chimes and Gemstone Window Hangers in our Webshop. For decoration or a gemstone gift, Spiru is the right place for you!