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Unique Products from 44+ Countries
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Buy Gemstone Sculptures

Gemstone sculptures are crystal-cut or polished to their natural shape. They can be half processed or completely. In this way the authentic character of the gemstone comes into its own. By polishing or grinding you can also see the natural colours and drawings better. Moreover, sculptures have a flat underside, so you can put them upright. Raw gemstones on a foot are also included in the sculptures. They are not formed, but are worked by making a foot around them. Here too, the beauty of the stone is emphasized!

A stone sculpture is therefore a wonderful addition to anyone who loves gemstones. Whether you collect minerals or want to make a setup. A sculpture can also be a powerful presence on an altar. Reason enough to give yourself or someone else a beautiful gemstone sculpture as a gift!

Skinds of precious stone sculptures

There is a lot of choice when you are looking for a crystal sculpture. That’s because every stone is unique. No polishing is therefore the same. There are a number of common ways to form a sculpture. For example, the top is often polished in a point . This makes the stone look like a pillar or flame. The spiral also gives that feeling. In addition, you will find completely round or oval polished stones. They have a completely different, softer effect. The end piece is also a well-known shape. This is a quarter of a (agate) sphere, polished so that the inside is clearly visible.

Favourite stones to polish are colorful crystals such as agate, fluorite, serpentine yahde, malachite, lapis lazuli, polychroom jasper and septarie. The different veins, layers or discolorations are shown in this way. Also species of quartz are popular sculptures. They have glass-like deformations or clouds inside. So the light falls through it brilliantly! Think for example of combinations of rock crystal, amethyst, smoke quartz or rose quartz. Also copal has that luminous quality. Copal is a half fossil resin with inclusions that can be centuries old. It is related to amber. So you can’t get bored of a copal sculpture!

Gemstone Sculptures at Spiru

Spiru has an authentic collection of crystal sculptures. You will find all stone types, sizes and workings with us. Not only are the gems of high quality, you will also find a beautiful sculpture in every price category. So everyone can enjoy the special presence of a unique gemstone!