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Crystal Angels

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Crystal Angels

A gemstone or crystal angel is a polished stone in the shape of an angel. They come as figurines, pendants, and as stones with symbols. They are used during spiritual activities, prayers, and as decoration. Because, well theyā€™re just simply beautiful arenā€™t they?

A Gemstone Guardian Angel

According to many beliefs, angels are connected with a higher realm. Some call it Heaven, Our True Self, or God. Others know it as Source, Wisdom, or Universal Energy. Regardless of which belief, angels are said to help the people with unveiling hidden knowledge. In addition, they are seen as guides and protectors and as a symbol of unlimited love.

Gemstone Angel Use

Angels have special powers according to many people. For example, people may use an angel during meditation or to aid in better dreaming. Guardian angels give strength and comfort to their devotees. This is one of the reasons that angels are often given at death; they are a guiding light in dark times. Many people also put an angel on their altar.

Types of Angel Stones

There are a number of gemstone types that are associated with a higher energy. Gemstones angels are often made from these. These are not only clear or white crystals, but also light blue or violet stones. Angelic stones often have an iridescent sheen, much like a rainbow or mother-of-pearl. Like Angel Crystal Quartz, they seem to glow! These colors, of course, are no coincidence. Clear, white, or violet stones are also connected to the upper chakras. Think for example, of gemstones for your heart chakra, third eye or crown chakras, which also represent connections with other worlds. These connections can be angels, but also spirit guides or past lives. According to many people, an angel stone strengthens your intuition or aura. Well-known types of angel stone are:

Rock crystal and other variants of Rock Crystal, such as Lemurian Crystal and Golden Healer, can often be found in a gemstone angel. You also often see angel statues made of stones such as Labradorite, Danburite and Larimar.

Gemstone Angels and Their Meaning

Not everyone chooses a gemstone angel made from an angel stone. Just like any other gemstone product it is important to consider which stone can give you the support you need at that moment.Ā  You can learn more about choosing gemstones in our Blog. In addition, not all gemstones are equally malleable, so not every angel stone can be used for the production of a gemstone angel. Other Popular gems are:

  • Amethyst Angel
  • Agate Angel
  • Obsidian Angel
  • Jade Angel
  • Labradorite Angel
  • Opalite Angel
  • Tiger Eye Angel
  • Goldfluss Angel
  • Rock Crystal Angel

Amethyst Angel

An Amethyst Angel is connected to the sixth chakra. Amethyst is related to the Rock Crystal and could promote spiritual clarity, awareness of spirituality, and recognition of spiritual reality. An Amethyst angel could help you develop your third eye.

Agate Angel

An Agate Angel belongs more to the lower chakras. This could give you a feeling of security and safety. Meditating with an agate angel may help you to feel well grounded.

Obsidian Angel

Obsidian is known as a deep working stone with easily accessible energy. An Obsidian angel could provide inner peace, balance, and tranquility. This gemstone angel could also stimulate you to spontaneously take action and let go of all negative thoughts about yourself.

Jade Angel

According to experts, a Jade Angel has a purifying and protective effect. Jade is available in a variety of colors. Green Jade belongs to the heart chakra. The figurine could bring prosperity, harmony, balance, happiness and prosperity. In addition, it is a beautiful stone to carry with you when you travel.

Labradorite Angel

The Labradorite Angel is said to promote spirituality on all levels. The stone symbolizes self-reflection, truth and intuition. According to experts, this gemstone angel also has a protective effect.

Opalite Angel

An Opalite Angel is made of glass and is therefore a synthetic stone. A special chemical process has made the stone look like a milky Opal with a beautiful shine. It is said to have a calming, uplifting effect, strengthen the inner self, and promote success.

Tiger Eye Angel

The Tiger Eye Angel symbolizes protection and insight. Enthusiasts believe that this stone makes you more self-aware and purposeful. A Tiger Eye Angel would improve your perseverance and self-confidence. If you carry this stone with you, it is also believed that you could become inquisitive, creative and curious.

Goldfluss Angel

Just like the Opalite Angel, the Goldfluss Angel is made of a synthetic stone, but beautiful nevertheless! This gemstone angel is seen as a good luck charm. In addition, he could give warmth, dignity, emotional balance and optimism and would help you accept yourself and things as they are.

Rock Crystal Angel

The Rock Crystal Angel is one of the most popular variants. Rock Crystal is known as an accessible stone that could enhance the effects of other stones. This purifying stone belongs to all chakras and could balance, protect, and cleanse the aura. Rock Crystal could also give a feeling of vitality, clarity and concentration.

Gemstone Angel Care

You can take care of your small crystal angel ornaments just like all crystals: by cleaning and charging them regularly. You can read more about that in our BlogĀ  about basic tips for Gemstone Care.

Buy Gemstone Angels at Spiru

Spiru has a wide range of crystal angels. You will not only find figurines, but also Angel Pendants and Guardian Angels. We also have stones with symbols of the archangels on them. You will also find an extensive range at our Angelic Products. Perfect if you’re looking for some symbolic protection or a loving gift. You will find inspiring gemstones at Spiru!