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Gemstone Obelisks

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Gemstones Obelisks are natural stones polished in a square column with a pyramid-shaped tip. Gemstone obelisks are used for energy work. You often see them in constellations and at altars. The obelisk is an old sign of solar power, power and victory. It is often associated with male energy.

Obelisk from Egypt

Obelisks were used in ancient Egyptian architecture. They were monuments to the sun god Ra. Because of their shape, they are also called memorial needle or dive needle . The word obelisk is probably derived from the Greek word for ‘bratspit’. The Arabic word for it also means ‘big needle’.

Obelisks were often placed together at the entrance of a temple or grave. They were often made of one piece of red or pink granite. They also had a gilded point. There were pictures on it, so-called hieroglyphs. Centuries later Roman emperors brought these obelisks to their own empire. Sometimes they placed the pillars as large sundials. In the nineteenth century Egypt donated stone obelisks to New York, Paris and London. After all these centuries, only thirty obelisks remain. Eight of them are in Egypt. A special thing, such an obelisk!

Symbolic meaning

Symbolic significance
The obelisk plays a role in various symbols. In Egypt it was a symbol of Ra, the sun god. Obelisks are therefore seen as sunbeams of stone. Because he has four planes, he also stood for mastering the four corners. The column was thus a reminder of the power of the pharaoh. An obelisk was also a reminder of the power of the ruler. A column then symbolized their constancy, moed and moral.

The energy of a gemstone obelisk

The energy of a gemstone obelisk
The obelisk is a powerful form. It is a four-sided pillar with a piramid on top. Many people experience it as an energy that stands for strength, ambition and striving for a higher goal. The base stands firmly on the ground and the point points to the sky. An obelisk also looks like a tower. It can therefore help to get a new view or a new vision. Or just get out of your ivory tower!

The gem you choose can support your wish. Ancient stones and ancient symbols are a powerful combination. For example, choose a rozen quartz if your goal is love. Or a yade obelisk if you want to give attention to happiness. So there is an obelisk for every purpose!