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Gemstone Skulls

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Gemstone Skulls

Gemstone Skulls, also popularly called ā€˜Crystal Skullsā€™ are natural gemstones cut in the shape of a skull. These can be human or animal skulls, but also those of aliens or extraterrestrials. They play a role in various legends from around the world.

Gemstone Skulls’ Meaning

Throughout centuries and cultures, skulls have stood not only for the dead, but also ancestors and transience. They can even symbolize new life! They are believed to promote contact with ancient wisdom and higher consciousness. According to many, they are connected with the evolution of the earth and with ancestors.

Crystal Skulls in Legends

Gemstone Skulls, and specifically Crystal Skulls, appear in many legends, for example in those of the Mayas and Aztecs. They also play an important role in the Akashic records and myths about lost empires such as Atlantis and Lemuria. For many people, Crystal Skulls are carriers of knowledge. They also symbolize a secure connection to the past, both personal and cosmic. Many people experience security and unconditional love with their skull.

Dragon Gemstone Skulls

Of the animal skulls, dragons and ravens are best known. For centuries, people have regarded crystal dragon skulls as housing for entities. Those entities could be angels or souls, for example. Through the crystal dragon skull, they would also be in contact with the five elements. Therefore, dragon energy is usually experienced as a transforming force.

Use of Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls can be used in a variety of situations, including:

  • Arrangements
  • At Workplaces
  • In the Bedroom
  • Meditation
  • Therapy
  • Grids

Gemstone skulls are often used to exchange knowledge. This can be between the owner and the stone, but also between skulls themselves. Commonly used multi-crystal skull setups include:

  • Faces inwards: exchanging information with each other
  • Faces out: exchanging information with bystanders
  • Double circle with outer circle facing in and inner circle facing out: symbolizes mutual communication, symbol of harmony and peace

If you only have a single skull, you can also make a circle with other gems and minerals. Skulls are considered good interlocutors. That is why they are also regularly used with other crystals.

At Workplaces

Workrooms, study places and practices can benefit from the wise qualities of a stone skull. Wherever one thinks and meditates, a skull can positively influence productivity.

In the Bedroom

The same applies to bedrooms, where they are placed next to the bed or under the pillow. Many people ask their gemstone skull a question before going to sleep, because the skull can also help to stimulate or understand dreams. It is also thought that they may also enable travel to other realities. Crystal skulls are seen as gateways to other dimensions, times or places.


Gemstone skulls are experienced as wise beings. You can therefore use them to deepen meditation and pursue enlightenment. Who knows, they might have something to tell you!


These figures are also used in body therapy and gemstone therapy for spiritual healing and to gain insight into energetic blockages. They are also believed to stimulate ideas and inspiration when used at the shoulders. Or that they help to see through and understand the past (crown) or future (feet). Crystal skulls can also be used for divination.

Gemstone Skull Care

Like all crystals, you take care of gemstone skulls by cleaning and charging them regularly. You can read more about that in our blog How to Cleanse Crystals: An Introduction to Crystal Care.

Types of Crystal Skulls

Gemstone skulls come in all kinds of stone. There are many crystal skulls for sale made of the following gemstones:

  • Quartz
  • Black Obsidian
  • Lapis Lazuli


Many crystal skulls are made from Quartz. The best known are the crystal skulls of Rock Crystal, but skulls of Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz and Citrine are also common. Some believe that all information about creation is stored in this material. Connoisseurs believe that Quartz stands for purity and can store, transport and release information. The shape of a human skull then represents our memory.

Black Obsidian

Skulls of Black Obsidian are also common, because according to many it brings out old patterns and shadows. A crystal skull of this gemstone is linked to the first chakra. Users believe that this skull is also protective. Many people meditate with the Black Obsidian Skull. By meditating, the skull could free you from these patterns and shadows and could bring peace and light.

Lapis Lazuli

In addition, skulls of Lapis Lazuli are made, because this stone, which was popular among ancient Egyptians, could strengthen ( your own) truth and how you communicate it ā€“ also a function of the fifth chakra. That is exactly what the skull shape itself symbolizes! So it is thought to be twice as powerful. But of course every crystal or mineral has its own powers and the skull shape could enhance their effect. Always choose a stone that suits your intention! Read more about choosing gemstones in our blog Which Crystal Do I Need? How to Choose the Right Crystal, Right Now.

Gemstone Skulls at Spiru

Spiru has an extensive range of quality gemstones and crystal skulls. You will find skull pendants, rings and loose skulls with us. You will find the human skull, the dragon and the raven. Of course, all these gemstone skulls are available in different stone types and variants. There are small handy heads, but also beautiful unique sculptures. Perfect for on your altar or in your meditation room. This way you will always find a skull that suits your wish and intent.