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How to Make a Dreamcatcher: Inspiration for Your Personal Dream Protection

By Maggie 14 October 2022
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Make dreamcatchers like a real shaman, by collecting materials that mean something to you. Here you will find inspiration for a personal creation!

dreamcatcher in sun feathers beads

Dreamcatchers are a kind of spiritual guard dog above your bed, intended to make you feel safe while you travel through dreamland while sleeping. They would watch over you and make sure that evil forces and negative energies are caught in their web. Most ideally, these pendants are handmade and tailored to the person they guard at night. Do you want to craft a dreamcatcher yourself? Then you will find an explanation of dreamcatchers here and how you can make your own in the colors, feathers, and decorations that suit you!

Meaning Dreamcatcher

What does a dreamcatcher do? It shouldn’t be surprising that these webbed rings are literally a dream catcher, meaning that they trap bad dreams and prevent nightmares. According to North American legends, dreamcatchers provide protection against all bad dreams. Babies and children in particular would benefit from such a spiritual protector. Ancient legends about its origin exist among several Native American tribes, but especially among the Ojibwe and Lakota nations. Dreamcatchers are often considered to come from the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe. They call the dreamcatcher Asabikeshiinh, which means ‘spider’ and refers to the woven web in the sacred hoop.

The ring symbolizes the web of Grandmother Spider that at night catches and holds negative forces until the first rays of the sun cheerfully burn them away. The opening in the middle of the web would ensure that inspiring dreams do find their way to the sleeper. According to the stories, they descend gently on the dreamer via the feathers, ribbons, and tassels. Nice piece of work from Grandma Spider!

Make Your Own Dreamcatcher

Is making dream catchers easy? It is certainly not complicated! We explain the instructions for making a dreamcatcher step by step. The basic elements of such a spiritual guardian pendant are easy to find. You can easily make a mini dreamcatcher or make a large one with these dreamcatcher supplies:

  • Ring
  • Thread and Cord
  • Feathers
  • Decoration

You can find these elements in nature, to make a DIY dreamcatcher that is all about Shamanism. Mother Earth would prepare exactly what you need! You can also put together a dreamcatcher from materials you have at home or can recycle. Making dream catchers is about giving each material a special place in the whole. According to experts, this creates a positive web full of natural power!

Are you not the crafty type?

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dreamcatcher feather beads shells blue wood

Make a Dreamcatcher Ring

You can’t make a dreamcatcher without a ring. The ring is the basis of the dreamcatcher. If you want a traditional version, you can use a flexible willow branch. For North American natives, this tree symbolizes comfort and protection. Also, the willow is said to connect different elements or worlds, because it stands with roots in the earth, while its branches hang in the water. This quality would help you to safely go back and forth to dreamland at night. Of course you can also choose another flexible branch from your garden, or a piece of iron wire or a ready-made metal ring! For some added personal symbolism look for branches from you Celtic Tree Zodiac.

Collect Feathers for Your Dreamcatcher

In many shamanic cultures, birds represent spirituality and the element of air. Eagle feathers hang under most dream catchers because Grandmother Spider used them to make her mythical version. Do you want to make a personal pendant? Then choose feathers that mean something to you. Maybe you come across the same one every time you go for a walk or certain bird species attract you. Shamans assume that animals do not just appear in your life. Such a flying friend could well be one of your totem animals, a special kind of spiritual helper. Very nice to have it with you at night too! Check out the Spiritual Meaning of Birds in our blog.

Dreamcatcher Cords and Threads

You need cord or thread that you wrap around a ring. This is your base to which you attach the web and tassels. You can do this with cotton cords or, for example, suede laces. Native American tradition attaches particular importance to the use of color when choosing the wrap. Each color represents a natural element:

  • Fire – red and golden yellow
  • Water – sea green and white
  • Earth – black and brown
  • Sky – blue

You can of course work them all into your dreamcatcher for balance or just reinforce the elements you need for beautiful dreams. Maybe you need extra soil to sleep peacefully or you want to increase the presence of water to access your feelings. Your Zodiac Sign’s Element could also be a good place to start! Whatever these forces of nature mean to you, you can try to summon them with the strings you choose.

Decorating Your Personal Dreamcatcher

For a basic dreamcatcher, only a web and feathers would suffice – as long as bad dreams get stuck in it and good dreams can swirl down, it will do the job. Still, you can enhance the theme of your personal protector with simple additions. For example, think of beads, Gemstones by Color, your Birthstone, or other protective Talismans that you use to Make Jewelry. You can also go out to collect beautiful shells, stones, or berries. Dried leaves and herbs can also add fine aromas, just like infusing your materials with Essential Oil. Popular motifs to weave into the web are the Tree of Life or a Mandala. Some people even decorate the web with The Evil Eye, to not only trap bad dreams, but repel them completely.

hand made dream catcher branches gemstones beads twine

Hanging Your Dreamcatcher

Now that you’ve crafted your sacred hoop, you’ll want to hang it up as soon as possible! But, where is the best place to hang a dreamcatcher? Given the idea of ​​how such a dreamcatcher works, it is not surprising that most people hang it above their bed. Yet there are many more potential spots:

  •  window in the bedroom
  •  garden
  • living room
  • car
  • any place you like

Hang Dreamcatchers in front of the Bedroom Window

The second most popular place to hang the dreamcatcher is in front of the window. The idea is that when you open the curtains you let the morning light in onto the dreamcatcher to burn the evil fantasies.

In the Garden

You may not immediately think of it, but you can also decorate the garden with a large dreamcatcher. For the bohemian touch, hang a few natural dream catchers in the tree. Bright colors could also stand out nicely against the greenery from the garden.

In the Living Room

Most people will buy dream catchers for their effect in the bedroom. Of course, the sacred hoop is also a beautiful addition to the living room. Hang it at your own altar or use it as a window hanger.

In the Car

You can also use a dreamcatcher as a talisman in the car. Some people swear by a dreamcatcher in their four-wheeled friend and hang it on the rearview mirror. You’re probably asking yourself “what do dream catchers do in a car?” People who use them firmly believe that dream catchers have a protective effect on the road. Moreover, it also looks nice!

Hang Your Dreamcatcher Wherever you like

It doesn’t matter where you want to hang the dreamcatcher. If you can enjoy the beauty of this cheerful hoop, then you’ll be fine. Wherever you hang it, enjoy it!

tree of life dreamcatcher chakra dreamcatcher cabin

Spiru Assortment Dreamcatchers

If you don’t feel like making a dreamcatcher yourself, then take a look at our extensive range of dreamcatchers. To find out what the dreams it lets through mean, check out our blog on Dream Meanings.  Are you having trouble falling asleep? Try Yoga Nidra to stimulate your sleep hormones and help you drift of to dreamland quickly and pleasantly.  If the energy in your bedroom is making you restless, experiment with Feng Shui to create a Zen environment for soothing sleep. A Salt Lamp is also a great addition to a bedroom.  Their soft glow and influence on the air could help you to rest easy. Wishing you positive dreams!

Where are you going to hang your dreamcatcher?



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