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Shungite or Shungit is a gray to black colored mineral that contains a lot of carbon. According to gemstone therapists, it repels electromagnetic radiation and negative energy. Shungite stone is therefore a favorite to place on electronic equipment or to attach to a mobile phone. This black crystal is also a well-known ingredient for gemstone water, as it is said to purify liquid.

Where are Shungite Crystals Found?

Shungite has been known in Russia for centuries and was also first found there. ‘Shungite’ meaning ‘mineral from Shunga’ is found near a meteorite impact in the “Shunga” region. In the 18th century, the first spa in Russia was also built here by Tsar Peter the Great. He claimed that Shungite had a purifying and antibacterial effect and encouraged people to come into contact with this healing stone.

This is the Emotional Meaning of Shungite

Russians call Shungite the stone of comfort. It would support the processing of strong emotions, in particular:

  • fury
  • sadness
  • mourning

According to experts, Shungite brings calmness and would therefore offer emotional space for new developments.

Buy Shungite Stone to Prevent Radiation

Just like people use Black Tourmaline to counter electromagnetic radiation, there are also people who buy a Shungite stone for this. This black go-getter is believed by many to absorb stagnant energy. According to experts, this can be the electrosmog of telephones, computers and televisions, but also polluting chemicals. You should therefore regularly energetically purify Shungite, for example with these methods to Cleanse Gemstones. Popular products with this black stone are a Shungite pyramid for the home or a Shungite bracelet for wearable protection.

Making Gemstone Water with Shungite

Drinking Shungite water is considered by many to be good for your health. Shungite properties not only improve the purity of the liquid to high quality, according to experts it also has an antibacterial effect and a positive effect on the immune system. When Creating Gemstone Water, be aware that the Shungite rocks can give off a bit of soot even if they are polished!

Shungite Treasures from Spiru

Shungite can be bought in different forms, for example as a Gemstone Shungite Pyramid or Orgonite Pyramid. The material Orgonite is specially designed for converting negative energy, so that would go well with this black crystal! Do you prefer to take this black mineral with you everywhere? A special bottle for Gemstone Water can be a solution, as can a pleasant Worry Stone, Pocket Stone or Palm Stone. Don’t forget the Gemstone Pendants, because this black beauty can of course also be admired as jewelry. Stones with a special story can be found at Spiru!