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Lapis Lazuli

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Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli stone is a violet, azure, bright green, or red gemstone. The name refers to the Latin lapis, ā€˜stoneā€™, and lazuli, which refers to the location where it was discovered, but has also come to mean ‘blue’. The best varieties are quarried in Afghanistan and are blue with gold speckles, which are caused by Pyrite particles present. In ancient times, this stone was called sapphire by Romans and Greeks. In Ancient Egypt, the mineral was processed into death masks and jewelry for the pharaoh, and in the Golden Age it was used to make precious paint. The pigment Lazurite has long been popular with painters for making the color ultramarine. Because of its decorative patterns and shades, Lapis Lazuli is still sought after as an enchanting ornamental stone.

Lapis Lazuli Effects According to Crystal Connoisseurs

Physically, according to gemstone experts, Lapis Lazuli crystals work on the throat area in which the thyroid gland, thymus, larynx, and vocal cords are found. Emotionally and spiritually, the blue mineral is said to help you:

  • target inner truth
  • stimulate creative abilities
  • process feelings
  • clarify beliefs

In addition, according to enthusiasts, Lapis Lazuli Stone is also a very social crystal that positively stimulates friendships and other relationships. Because this spiritual stone would encourage you to be sincere, solid connection with others could become possible. So if this blue crystal is known for anything, it is constructive communication!

Lapis Lazuli Properties for Creativity and the Chakras

According to chakra philosophy, blue minerals are associated with the fifth and sixth energy points in the throat and forehead. Many people therefore wear a Lapis Lazuli pendant at their Throat Chakra, to strengthen their own truth. A Lapis Lazuli gemstone ring and Lapis Lazuli bracelet are also popular with artists and healers who work with their hands. According to chakra philosophy, a blue stone in this area connects the wisdom of the heart with the ability to share it. Others see the stone as a wise counselor who aids in meditation, visualization, and receiving higher messages. For example, they hold the mineral during their spiritual sessions or place it on their forehead for contact with the so-called Third Eye.

The Best Lapis Lazuli Zodiac Sign Combinations

According to astrologers, the Lapis Lazuli has significance for the constellations Virgo and Sagittarius. The earthly Virgin would easily tune in to the spiritual wisdom of Lapis Lazuli, meaning that this sign gains the most original insights from it. A polished Pocket Stone or Worry Stone is therefore ideal for this meditative sign. Sagittarians could also easily befriend the energy ofĀ  Lapis Lazuli, as this blue stone exudes honesty. This sincere sign can really appreciate that! So if you want to give the Sagittarius an encouraging amulet, it’s best to buy a beautiful rough Lapis Lazuli Necklace! The unworked stone would encourage the most clear communication possible.

The Processing of Lapis into Popular Gemstone Tools

Because of the special bond that Lapis Lazuli has with personal insight, many yogis see it as the ideal material for a gemstone Mala. You use prayer beads when counting mantras or breaths during meditation. According to crystal experts, a blue crystal counting cord adds an extra intuitive vibe to your session. Crystal Skulls also often contain Lapis Lazuli, because these spiritual chatterboxes, just like Lapis Lazuli, stand for communication and knowledge acquisition.

Tips to Care for Lapis Lazuli

This stone is a mineral with a low hardness, so it can scratch or damage quickly. Do you want to prevent that? Then store your blue treasure in soft material, for example in a bag, box, or cloth. Also, keep it away from sharp-edged rocks or types that are particularly hard like the quartz family. If you want to cleanse the energy of your Lapis Lazuli, keep in mind that it reacts to water and moisture. Want to know how to work wisely with this beautiful mineral? You can read it in this article about Gemstone Cleansing and Basic Care.

Buy Lapis Lazuli Stones and Jewelry

Do you want to buy jewelry with real Lapis Lazuli stone? Then you are at the right place with Spiru. In the collection of spiritual jewelry you will find, for example, simple adjustable variants or real silver with unique designs. Whether you choose a polished bracelet with Lapis Lazuli or a pair of earrings with rough gemstones, the play of colors of the Lapis Lazuli provides a beautiful piece of jewelry that you will not soon get bored of.