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Lotus Candle Holder

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Lotus Atmospheric Light Buy Online At Spiru
In Buddhism and Hinduism, the lotus is an important symbol. It is a metaphor for spiritual development. A lotus flower germinates first under water. It starts in the mud and grows slowly to the surface. Until you see her beautiful flower. So it is with spirituality. You start ignorantly and then you become more and more enlightened, until you blossom. Moreover, just like the lotus, you need mud to grow. Life experiences are thus nourishment for your soul. Isn’t that beautiful?

Spiru has a large collection of colourful lotus lights in the house. Of course we have the classic lotuses of Capiz-shells. There are also lights of pearl nut, glass and metal. Even a large lotus can be found here. Are you looking for a special colour? There are solid mood lights, but also multicolored or with a smoked effect. Beautiful in your interior or on your personal altar.

Of course, Spiru also has chakra atmosphere lights in its assortment. These can be found here at the lotus atmosphere lights, or at the chakra atmosphere lights. The most common colors of the chakras are:

1st chakra: red
2nd chakra: orange
3rd chakra: yellow
4th chakra: green
5th chakra: blue
6th chakra: indigo
7th chakra: violet

At Spiru you will find beautiful mood lights in lotus version. You can use them for your chakras, for example. But also loose, the lotuses are a magical addition to your interior. Especially with a fine scented candle in it! Or what pleasant incentive to meditate an evening. Stimulate your spiritual development with the lotus atmosphere lights of Spiru!