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Dream Catchers

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A dreamcatcher or dream catcher is a round hoop that is used to stimulate spiritual dreams and protect against nightmares. According to many people, the dreamcatcher originates from the North American Ojibwe Chippewa tribe. They named it asabikeshiinh, which means ‘spider’, or bawaajige nagwaagan, which translates as ‘catcher of dreams’. Dreamcatchers are rings/hoops made of metal or wood with rope and feathers, and often contain beads, stones, shells or other symbolic decorations. At Spiru, you will find affordable dreamcatchers in every price range. Whether it is a white dreamcatcher, an XL dreamcatcher, an owl dreamcatcher, a black dreamcatcher, there is a dreamcatcher for everyone at Spiru.

Legend of the Dreamcatcher

Amongst native peoples, there are several stories about the origins of the dreamcatcher. Amongst the Ojibwe tribe, the legend about the spider grandmother is often told; the story goes that because she traveled around so much with her tribe, she had difficulty watching over her sleeping offspring. To offer protection against nightmares, despite the distance, she weaved a web for every child, using materials from her colleagues from the animal kingdom. With these dreamcatchers, grandma spider was able to offer motherly protection from a distance!

This is how Dreamcatchers Work

Traditionally, the web is hung above the cradle or child’s bed. These days, it’s not only the children who are looking for protection, but adults are also thankful for grandma spider’s watchful eye. You can hang the dreamcatcher above your bed or on the wall in your bedroom. The best place would be in the corner where the first rays of sun hit the dreamcatcher in the morning, because it is believed that these rays will burn the nightmares from the web. 

Nature Symbolism in the Dreamcatcher

Traditional dreamcatchers are made from natural materials, exactly the way it is dictated by Native American shamanism. They often used red willow for the ring, made rope from natural fiber and covered the ring with leather from specially selected totem animals. The symbolic meaning of the feathers was also important for the making of the dreamcatcher, as was the choice of colour that was supposed to represent the elements of nature. To the natives, red and gold/yellow was often associated with fire, while sea green and white indicate water. Furthermore, black and brown were associated with the earth and the colour blue was the representation of air in the dreamcatcher. 

How the Dreamcatcher Represents the Spider Grandmother 

Dreamcatchers represent the web of spider grandmother. The rope symbolises the web that catches the dreams. Furthermore, to many people, the bead in the middle symbolises the grandmother who watches over the sleeping person. However, others believe that the stones and beads attract good dreams. Lastly, the feathers at the bottom of the dreamcatcher are believed to let good dreams descend softly on the sleeping person. 

Dreamcatcher Mandala

The mandala dreamcatcher is made by hand in Bali, Indonesia. In the production of these dreamcatchers, honest trade and environmentally friendly production processes are prioritised. Mandala means ‘magic wheel’ and originates from Sanskrit. According to ancient wisdom from the east, these magic wheels provide you with inspiration and inner enrichment. The fact that the mandala is a circle without beginning or end symbolises the infinity of existence and indicates that everything is connected. Mandalas are an important part of meditations, rituals and other traditions in Buddhism and Hinduism. 

Christmas Dreamcatcher

For those who love wintery scenes or would like to hang something special above their bed around Christmas, we have the Christmas tree dreamcatcher. In addition to catching bad dreams, it can also be hung in the Christmas tree as decoration. A multifunctional beauty!

Spiritually Cleansing your Dreamcatcher

It is believed that, before using your dreamcatcher, you could energetically clean it. This can be done with, for example, aroma therapy, incense or sage. Additionally, affirmations, mantras and well-wishes are also believed to help the dreamcatcher do its job. The dreamcatcher needs to know what goal you would like to achieve; do you wish for a better night’s sleep or for inspiring dreams? Tell your dreamcatcher what you want. You may want to repeat it, just to be sure, so that the message is clear. Afterwards, all you need to do is go to sleep peacefully, hoping that the bad dreams will stay away to make room for a good night’s sleep!

Tips for Making a Dreamcatcher

Do you maybe want to make a dreamcatcher yourself, instead of buying one? Such a DIY project does not have to be difficult! The basis of your dreamcatcher can consist of willow, wood, metal or even an embroidery hoop. You’re free to choose what you want! You could even choose to include objects that have a special meaning to you or that belong to you in some way. For example, use materials that you can find in or around your home, such as crystals with a calming vibe or feathers that you found during a lovely walk in the woods. By adding such personal objects, even the smallest dreamcatcher can become big; it is believed that the more the dreamcatcher means to you, the more powerful it is!

Ordering a Dreamcatcher at Spiru

At Spiru, we have dreamcatchers available in every size and shape. Whether you are looking for a small dreamcatcher or a big one, our product range is varied enough. In our webshop, we have dreamcatchers with chakra colours, with a neutral look, and even for your keychain. Buying a dreamcatcher online is not only simple, but also festive! Do you have a dreamcatcher heart? You’re at the right place at Spiru!