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Mandala Tapestry

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Mandala Tapestry

Mandala wall tapestries are the latest trend in decoration. They come in different colors and patterns. The detailed decorations on a mandala wall hanging give your home or office that little bit extra. A big mandala tapestry creates a warm atmosphere. Most mandala wall hangings are made by hand from cotton, or they are mechanically woven.

The Meaning of Mandala Tapestries

Mandalas are circular, symmetrical figures. The beautiful patterns and drawings on a mandala cloth can play an important role during the practice of traditions, meditations, and rituals in Hinduism and Buddhism. ‘Mandala’ comes from Sanskrit and literally means ‘magic circle’ or ‘magic wheel’. This ancient symbol has no beginning and no end. Ancient Eastern wisdom said that these circles provide inspiration and inner enrichment. They would make you aware of the infinity of existence. They would also ensure connection with everything around you.

Mandala and the Effect on Space

According to some, you immediately bring peace and balance to the room where you hang the mandala wall tapestry on the wall. Some consciously choose to hang a mandala cloth on the wall in a room where a lot of focus is needed. They believe that by hanging the tapestry in the meditation room, for example, you would experience clarity about what is really important in life. Who knows, a mandala tapestry wall hanging may also bring you that calm, relaxed, and balanced feeling that is promised. In addition, your concentration and creativity could improve. Imagine that a mandala on a canvas could have such an impact on your state of mind!

Mandala Tapestries: Not Just for the Wall

Usually hung on the wall with small nails or thumbtacks as a large wall tapestry, mandala cloths are also used for other purposes. Some people use them as a mandala beach towel. Someone else may use the wall hanging as a picnic rug. The cloths weigh a little over half a kilo. This light weight makes them easy to carry. Some people use them, for example, to place on the yoga mat for more grip and hygiene. This way you make your order completely your own!

Mandala Tapestry with Lotus

The lotus flower has spiritual significance in many cultures. In Buddhism and Hinduism this sacred flower is a symbol for inner growth, purity, and connection with the universe. A lotus flower settles in mud under water and grows towards the light at the surface of the water, where a beautiful flower emerges. This process symbolizes our own spiritual growth towards enlightenment. A wall hanging with Lotus print can often be found in Hindu and Buddhist temples. Many people therefore use these tapestries at home as an addition to the meditation room or altar singing bowls.

Wall Hanging Mandala with Elephant

A mandala tapestry with an elephant brings feng-shui energies with it. These tapestries are mainly about protection, happiness, wisdom and fertility. The symbolic meaning of the pattern revolves around the qualities of an elephant like strength, loyalty, patience, wisdom, honor and stability.

Different Variants Mandala Wall Cloth

You can buy a mandala wall hanging in different shapes, colors and sizes. The available shapes of mandala wall cloths are round, rectangular and square. The square rugs have different sizes and are available in the colors green, blue, red-brown, pink, green and teal. The rectangular cloths also differ. The round rugs are slightly smaller, namely 180 cm. These are for sale on our website in the colors yellow and red, black-white and blue-green. There are traditional motifs and patterns, but a more modern bohemian mandala tapestry can also be beautiful!

Handmade Cotton Wall Hangings from India

Our beautiful mandala wall hangings are handmade in Jaipur, India. Using special sieves and stamps, different colors are added by hand to the 100% cotton cloths. The result is an authentic wall cloth that is a beautiful addition to the interior. This manual process may cause imperfections such as smears, frayed ends or minor color differences. This way you always have a unique wall decor!

More Decoration That go Great with Mandalas at Spiru!

Are you looking for a different spiritual wall hanging? As a Pagan, Buddhist, Hindu or collector of beautiful rugs and tapestries you will certainly succeed on our website. For the optimal atmosphere at home or in your bedroom, mandala wall tapestries pair beautifully with our mood lights and scented candles. Also take a look at our beautiful spiritual statues for a serene atmosphere. In addition, we have an incense product for every occasion. If you are looking for more decoration to hang up, then a dreamcatcher or window ornament might be something for you. You create a warm atmosphere with decoration from Spiru!