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Orgone Pyramids

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Orgonite Pyramids

Orgonite consists of a combination of crystals, resin and metals. This mixture can be cast in various forms. The name Orgonite comes from the term Orgone, coined by the Austrian-American scientist Wilhelm Reich. Orgon means life energy, chi, ether of prana. Orgonite is therefore widely used in energy work. You can buy an Orgonite pyramid to use in constellations, grids and Reiki for example.

How Orgonite Works

Orgonite is intended to capture universal energy, convert it into positive energy (Orgone) and then distribute it. The gemstones in an Orgonite pyramid or other shapes would absorb negative energies and transform them into positive ones, while the metals in the resin would create refraction for the energy dispersion. According to the inventors of this material, Orgonite is therefore a kind of mini generator.

How Orgonite was Conceived

The golden formula for these small positive energy generators has not been around for very long. Buying an Orgone pyramid is a very current trend. The material was conceived by the American couple Don and Carol Croft in early 2000. Like Wilhelm Reich, they were looking for a material that could convert negative energy into positive. The couple found that mixing resin and metals produced the same effect as the scientist’s accumulators. Carol Croft decided to add a small quartz crystal to the mixture for its potential to collect, transform and radiate etheric energy. This created an aggregate that, as the couple wished, would convert negative energy into positive energy. They called the combination of resin, crystal and metal Orgonite, derived from ‘Orgone’, the name Reich gave to cosmic life energy.

Effect of the Pyramid Shape

According to users, the pyramid shape focuses and amplifies Orgone energy. The tip of the pyramid is said to attract energy which would then be sent through the pyramid from the tip to the ground plane and back again. This is thought to create a connection between high and low energy, amplifying them. The powerful beam that some believe emanates from the tip is used for various types of energy work. This grounding effect could also help with complaints such as migraines or headaches. People also use the pyramids for a better night’s sleep, during meditation and for concentration.

Why Buy an Orgone Pyramid?

Orgonite is interesting for people who already work with gemstones, but would like to experience an even stronger effect. Some people place one or more pyramids under their bed for a better night’s sleep. This may actually backfire the first few nights because of the strong energy field created under the bed. A better night’s sleep is only experienced after the user adjusts to the new energy. Pyramids are also placed in practice areas and work rooms; according to these users it improves attention and concentration.

What are Orgonite Pyramids Used For?

Orgonite pyramids are used for different rituals and in different places in the house. For example, orgonite could help with:

  • reducing electromagnetic radiation
  • improving positive energy in certain spaces
  • different types of energy work
  • improving the well-being of people, plants and and animals

Reducing Electromagnetic Radiation

Orgonite Pyramids are widely used to reduce electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi, mobile phones, laptops and televisions. People often buy an Orgonite Pyramid in an attempt to reduce the influence of these radiation sources.

Improving Positive Energy in Spaces

Because of the positive energy that Orgonite is said to spread, a sphere or pyramid of Orgonite is often placed in a frequently occupied space. Usually this is a living room, practice room or office. Fans of Orgonite products claim that it cleanses the energy of the spaces and promotes positive energy.

Use for Different Types of Energy Work

Orgonite pyramids are widely used in energy work.Ā  For this Orgonite is used to detect and direct power. According to some therapists, the Orgonite pyramid has a healing effect and is a useful tool for meditation, healing and Reiki. The Orgonite pyramid is also often used in combination with an object and to read energy from a distance, for example using a photo. During energy work, the pyramid is used to improve the connection with intuition and increase paranormal experiences.

Improving the Well-Being of People, Animals and Plants

People who swear by the effects of orgone energy see benefits for all living beings: humans, plants and animals. Special products have been developed for outdoor use that may reduce energetic pollution. There are also pet owners who hang Orgonite pendants on the collar of their dog or cat.

How to Take Care of the Orgonite Pyramid

Gemstones and minerals should be cleaned and charged regularly. It’s not quite the same with Orgonite. Since Orgonite is meant to radiate positive energy, it is thought to be self-cleaning. Also be careful with direct sunlight; it can cause the colors of the crystals can lose vibrancy. Would you like to know more about caring for crystals and Orgonite? Then ask an expert for advice!

Why Orgonite Often Contains Spiritual Symbols

Orgonite products are often adorned with well-known spiritual symbols. You also often see signs of chakras and Reiki symbols. These signs often have a deeper meaning for the people who work with them. This is because the signs themselves also have their own power or vibration that affects the use of the Orgonite. However these symbols can also just remind the user of something inspiring to them. This can help the user to set intentions during use. The well-known spiritual symbols are:

  • Flower of Life
  • Ohm
  • Tree of Life

Flower of Life Meaning

The flower of life is known as one of the most powerful natural symbols in sacred geometry. It symbolizes the interconnectedness of all living things. It would also be meaningful for those seeking connection with a higher power.

The Ohm Sign Meaning

The Ohm Sign is one of the most important Sanskrit symbols. The ‘aum’ sound is also called the mother of the mantras. By making the sound, you may feel the power of the cosmos. The sound of each letter (a, u and m) refers to one of the three states of man: waking, dreaming or sleeping. The A is thought to connect with the body and stands for waking. The U (or OE sound) sound is associated with thinking, feeling and wishing. It corresponds to the dream state. Finally, according to yogis, the sound of the resounding M evokes infinity and represents the state of deep sleep where everything comes together.

Tree of Life Meaning

The Tree of Life symbolizes beauty, wisdom, protection, eternity and natural harmony. Its roots are in the earth and its branches grow up to heaven. This symbol also stands for life itself and the connection between the earthly and the higher existence.

More Gemstone Shapes and Orgonite at Spiru

Spiru has many more Orgonite objects than just Pyramids. Take a look at our Orgonite Balls, Orgonite Discs and Orgonite Rods or wear it as a piece of jewelry around your neck with an Orgonite Pendant. Are you looking for a stone figure with meaning? Then our Gemstone Statues are definitely something for you. Gemstones are also made into loving Gemstone Angels or Gemstone Hearts, which are wonderful to give as a gift. You will find rock solid energy at Spiru!